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Notessimo Music Game

Make your own music playing this fun, yet unique flash game. Choose from lots of different instruments to make sweet sweet music. See in game for full instructions. If you like making beats on your computer but can’t afford professional beat making software then this music game will scratch that itch!

Fantasy DJ Beat Making Game

  Fantasy DJ – Club Beats Edition DJ Game. Think you have the skills to be the next big DJ star? With this Online Beat Maker you can mix it up like a real DJ. Featuring an array of beat making tools this free beat maker including Virtual Turntables, an 8 Track loop deck, Keyboard, BPM control and much… Read More »

How To Get More People To Listen To Your Music

It’s not exactly news that the internet has revolutionized the music industry from top to bottom. It’s now easier than it has been at any point in history to share your music with millions of people, without even leaving your own home. With such a large audience, finding a niche for your specific genre or… Read More »

Can I Make Money Selling My Beats?

Earning a livelihood from something you’re passionate about is the biggest desire of any person. And, when the area of interest is the music industry, then one may hold a goldmine after uphill struggle. Selling your beats may prove a good prospect for those who aspire to earn. Most people have a misconception that it… Read More »