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Which this Beat Making Software is Best

beat making softwareDrDrum has been around for a good while now and lately has been making a lot of noise in the music world as a great tool for beginners who want to make beats. Comes with everything you need to get started with lots of pro features, sounds and samples. Lots of in depth video tutorials included which makes it a great program for the price.

At $29.95 it’s a great entry level beat making software for any skill level. I have personally been using this software a LOT lately mainly because it is just so easy to use and I can pump out beats fast! Without a doubt, it is one of the best beat making software in the market.

Price: $29.95 via DrDrum.com

How to Make Beats On Your Computer

music production setup

To make beats on your computer you will need a few things – A computer or laptop, dj software and speakers! This of course is a very basic set up BUT to be honest it is all you need especially if you’re a beginner or intermediate musician.

computer for making beatsThe Computer: Not all software is created equal, some require more space and resources than others. So if you have a computer or laptop that has very little resources, memory or power you will not be able to use some programs because most of them are HUGE and take up a lot of your computers resources.

In saying that, most of today’s computers have all the specs and resources to run most large music making software with ease.

Speakers for beat makingThe Speakers: I use a pair of Mackie CR3 3-Inch Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors and if I’m up late I use a pair of headphone I picked up for $20.

You can use standard speakers that come with your computer but I much prefer mine as they produce much higher quality sound. It will all depend on your budget but to be honest there is no need to spend over $100 on speakers just for beat making.

Dubturbo ScreenshotThe Software: In my 11 years of being a music producer I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of programs. Going back 7 years ago music software was a lot more expensive and the most popular software back then was FL Studio(Fruity Loops) and it sold for over $200.

Fast forward to today and the market is flooded with music production software! For us, this is a good thing because it’s created competition between brands and that means price wars. These days you can pick up a good program that has all the bells and whistles for well under $50. ( I use DrDum Beat Maker Software , maybe the best beat making software, which only cost $29.95 to make my beats )

What is the BEST Beat Maker Software For Beginners?

beat making equipment

Most people think you have to spend hundreds of dollars on software, studio gear and hardware to sound pro. But with today’s technology that’s all just B.S! Don’t be fooled into spending hundreds on dj software – Especially if you’re a beginner!

One software I recommend to anyone who is just starting is DrDrum. It’s easy to use, has a tonne of sounds and effects and works on most low end computers(Both Windows and Mac).

DrDrum would have to be one of the more popular and best music making software under $50 in my opinion. It’s perfect for the beginner and also has the features and functionality for intermediate to advanced users. At $29.95 it’s a bargain!

Making beats is also pretty easy once you learn the basics and again, beat maker software not only makes it easy but it also teaches you how to make real music. A good beat maker like DrDrum will also come with video tutorials or lessons on how to make beats.

Good beat making software will also come with plenty of sounds and effects plus all the features you need to smash out studio quality beats.

All of this might sound a little overwhelming but honestly you’re going to be shocked at just how easy it is to make a beat.

I remember when I first started beat making, I showed some of my friends and they where so blown away with how cool it was and really it was a simple 16 bar beat made on an old beat up computer. Just imagine what your friends or family will think after showing off your creations.

Other Good Beat Making Software

I’ve personally used a LOT of programs to make music in my time and man do I wish the software that is available today was available back when I first started! Making beats is just so much easier and less time consuming these days….

  1. DrDrum Beat Maker Software
  2. BTV Solo Music Production Software
  3. FL Studio(Fruity Loops)
  4. Dubturbo Beat Software

drdrum drum software1. DrDrum
BEST Beat Making Software #1 Choice – If you want something that is super easy to use, comes loaded with hundreds of sounds and samples, a huge list of features and frustration free then Dr Drum is definitely worth giving a go. Possible some of the BEST video tutorials available that teach you step by step how to make your first beat to making a full track. You’ll learn the basics then more advanced music production using beat maker software and other musical instruments. Make sure you check it out, well worth the money!

Click here for complete list of features <–

BTV Solo Music Production Software2. BTV Solo – Other of my personal favourites and what I use almost daily! I’ve been playing around with some dubstep tools lately and BTV Solo makes it easy to make wub wubs, wobbles and bass drops. It’s a complete package which is why it’s so popular. You can literally make ANY style of music you want. This software is very powerful at such a small price. Make hip hop, trance, dance, rap, dubstep, reggae, rock the list goes on and on and it really is limitless of what you can do with BTV Solo.

For a full list of features and more info click here <–

dubturbo drum software3. Dubturbo
– Another beat sequencer very similar to DrDrum only a little less functionality. Dubturbo is definitely worth mentioning though which is why I included it this list. Also has a lot of video tuts and it’s becoming very popular since I first checked it out at the start of 2013. If you want to compare it against the other beat makers I’ve listed feel free by visiting their official page –


4. FL Studio – I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE has heard of FL Studio or Fruity Loops. I’t definitely the most popular beat maker around these days but it does come with a bit of a learning curve. The reason I don’t recommend newbies stafl studiort out with FL Studio is it can be a little hard to learn. Most people get frustrated or overwhelmed by the amount of features it has and the interface is a little hard to get used to. But for you more advanced beat makers out there, FL Studio is a very powerful music tool. It does also come at a higher price and they also have extra costs for plugins and extra sounds etc…Something to think about before buying it.

The Best Beat Making Software I Use..

To be honest I use a combination of 2 different programs. I still use FL Studio from time to time but I always tend to use DrDrum and that’s because it’s so easy to pump out beats fast. Because I make and sell beats it’s important for me to produce tracks fast without losing any quality.

Since using DrDrum I’ve probably sold 3 x what I did with FL Studio.

Discount Codes For Music Production Software

We’ll be adding discounts and promo codes for all popular beat makers so be sure to save this page.

Want to go mobile with your beat making? Check out our list of best beat making apps for iPads


How to Make Beats

You’re here because you’re looking to make sure that you can find the time and energy to be able to create beats that are going to really give you a good experience and satisfactory final result, right?  Well, you’re not alone.  In fact, if you’re here to become the best beat maker, you’re in the perfect spot.  This will introduce you to the beauty of being able to make beats at your own speed and using the right kind of equipment to help you get the job done.  Here’s what you’re going to be looking at in your journey.

 1. Take your time

This is an important step that you need to remember when you are looking at going after the final prize of being able to make beats that are memorable and solid: it’ll take time and patience as you learn the skills, and also to get the “feel” of how it all comes together.  Practice makes perfect, after all, so dedicate the time and focus on making sure that you can remember how to really make it all come together.  It takes time, and it’ll be worth the wait.


2. You’re going to need some work, no matter what level you think you’re at

Even if you are a gifted musician who truly understands how to make music and how it’s supposed to sound, remember that you are stepping into a different world and you are going to have to work at making it all work with this kind of electronic software.  Even if you’ve worked with it in the past, you’d be surprised that it doesn’t take long to lose the finesse that is often required to really get into this kind of music making.

 3. You’ll find they all suck at first

Swallow your pride and remember that you’re going to be able to really make the most out of your music if you just remember that you’re going to be terrible when you start out in the beginning.  Even if you understand music, you understand percussion, and how it all works electronically, it’s rough when it starts to all come together in making beats.  It’s a targeted kind of music making, and your beats are going to be absolutely terrible at first.  Be patient with yourself and your seeming lack of understanding, and it’ll transform to the next level before you know it.  Additionally, since you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’re all going to sound wrong and you won’t know why.  This will pass.

 4. It may all sound the same at first

Electronic music is different, especially in terms of the percussion.  It’ll all sound similar and murky at first, no matter how many layers your put on, so dedicate the time to really learning about the different kind of beats out there and focus on how they blend or clash.  Your first several sets of beats will sound the same even if you use really different voices, but that’s because you’re using similar rhythms.  You’ll get more diverse as you get used to the equipment.

 5. Have all of the right software

You’re going to need a lot of software to be able to make professional beats, there’s no way around it.  Some of the biggest things you’ll need are software beat makers, and a digital audio catalogue.  You’ll also want to make sure that you have a variety of MIDI interfaces that will allow you to work in line with the ideas that you have.  Make sure you have good quality studio monitors and headphones so that you can get it all sounding the way that you need.  It takes a lot of equipment to get the right sound, and don’t skip a step.  Get it all if you want to make sure that you take this to the top in terms of professionalism.

6. Pick the right system for you

There are all sorts of different software options out there, and you’re going to want to take a look at what they can offer you.  What may be the right beat making software for someone else, may not be for you.  So, don’t be afraid to try the different systems remember that the software for making beats will be a little different each time.  Get to know which one works best for the sounds that you’re looking to make, as well as the actual comfort of software itself.  It’s all important to getting the good final result that you’re looking for.

7. Get adventurous

When you’re looking at getting more in line with making complex beats, give yourself the time and freedom to be able to explore the beats some more.  Get used to how the different sounds are developed and really go wild with your sound.  Explore, experiment and find the time and space to be able to explore the options wildly so that you can enjoy it all to your heart’s – and ear’s – content!

 8. Remember that mistakes are normal

Mistakes are part of making music, as most musicians will know.  This is the same for electronic beat making as well.  You need to understand the different kinds of beats, how they work, where they’re used, how to make them your own, and more.  Give yourself the time and space to be able to really explore the options and get out there to show them off to the world around you.  You’ll love what it will offer you if you just see it all for yourself.

9. How to write a song?

Possibly you want to write a song and you would like to start with the music but don’t know where, or maybe you have some lyrics and want to find a tune to see if the song is on the right track. Here you will find some good tips to start composing your song and make it sound really good.

There is a lot of talk about formulas and methods to write music, and to be honest there is some truth. Although many people do not know it, the great majority of popular songs are composed with three chords. However, we cannot ignore the fact that another part of the songs known as “difficult” are based on the same principle as simple songs. This principle is known as Three Chord Theory.

The interesting thing about this theory is that it is useful to compose songs in a short time, in an easy way, to have the basis of a song that will be much more complex later or simply to improvise and sound good without perhaps knowing much about music.

What this all comes down to at the end of the day is that making beats is a pretty sophisticated business and you need to be able to give yourself the skills, the tools, the time, and the know-how to make it as amazing as you’re hoping for in your life when it comes to music. This will serve as a basic overview on what to look for when the time comes to get into beat making for real.

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  1. Nate

    Just purchased Dubturbo and loving it so far. Where can I sell the beats I make?

    1. Tyrone Post author

      Great to hear you love Dubturbo Nate, it’s a very popular beat making software. You can sell your beats on sites like http://www.myflashstore.com rocbattle.com or you can even create your own website and sell from there.


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