About Mariachi Outfits

By | April 4, 2021

Origin Mariachi

Mariachi music has its origins in the string instruments introduced by Spanish. Although these guitars and violins were originally intended to be used as part of the church mass, the Mexicans adapted them to secular folk music.

Peasant clothes

The first mariachi bands wore clothes from the Mexican worker or farmer, reflecting the working class or rural background. Men can wear huarache sandals, wide straw hats and white cotton clothes draped with sarape or wool film.

A symbol of revolution

After the Mexican Revolution of 1910, mariachi clothing and music became representative of national patriotism. Mariachis symbolizes Mexican pride for the people during Independence Day celebrations in Mexico City in 1933, according to MexConnect.com.

Traje de Charro

When they succeeded, the mariachis began to wear the traditional ‘traje de charro’ or the Mexican cowboy style. The outfit consists of a short jacket; stylish trousers with shiny buttons; a large tie ankle boots and sombreros.

Female Mariachis

Although mariachi has long been a purely male endeavor, there are more and more female mariachi, according to an article in the ‘Latina’ magazine. Their attire is standard charro outfit, except with skirt. Some have more colorful and feminine pastels. Mariachi music is a symbol of Mexico and its culture. The Mariachi musician’s attire has evolved from simple farm clothes to standardized outfits and is an important part of the mariachi tradition.