Accordion Repair and maintenance

By | April 10, 2021

Disassemble your accordion

Be aware of the complicated processes involved and the delicate nature of the instrument. Carelessness or rough handling can lead to irreversible damage to the keys, reeds or bellows.

Disassemble your accordion in a clean work area and have an organization plan. Make a note of the location of each part of the accordion so that you can assemble it later. A variety of screws and pins of different sizes are integrated into the make-up of the accordion, and most will only fit in one place. When disassembling your accordion, be sure to wear protective hand coatings, such as latex gloves. are difficult to sweat from your hands and will warp and rust if manipulated. The basic mechanism of a piano tragon should not be disassembled unless you have expert knowledge of its internal work. Over 100 buttons are included in this mechanism, and they must be replaced in the correct order to prevent damage. Inspect the reed blocks inside the accordion for signs of wear or misshapenness. If reed skins need to be replaced, just replace them with a reed skin that matches your accordion model and type. This process must be performed with great care, or the accordion may play.

Fixing Buzzing Sounds

If your accordion produces a buzzing sound when playing at specific air pressures, some of your customs may need repair. Backskin is extremely sensitive and can be bent out of shape or detached from its seat if the accordion is released or simply used for a long time. These skins need to be reshaped to alleviate any buzzing sounds. If the reed plate has broken free from the wax where it sits, you can try to melt the wax with a low driving soldering iron. If there is wax on the nest, it must be replaced. If you need to replace some of the inside of the wax, be sure to use only wax from a zipper supply store. Harmony is a versatile, fun instrument played by people around the world. It is extremely fragile, and it is important to know that some accordions contain parts that are no longer in production. Repair or maintenance of an accordion is a sensitive process that should only be carried out with the right knowledge. In addition, the accordion should be taken to a reputable workshop every five years for inspection and maintenance.