Akai MPC 1000 Tutorials

By | April 6, 2021


The samples are the lifeblood of the Akai MPC 1000. The MPC 1000 includes a built-in Compact Flash card reader for loading samples into the MPC. A card is included in your production station and is preloaded with popular Akai samples to get you started. But you probably want to add many more custom samples. Connect the MPC 1000 to your Mac or PC with a USB cable. The Compact Flash card is displayed on your computer just as an external hard drive would, and you can drag and drop samples to the card.

You can use sounds that you create or record on your computer as an example. In addition, you can cut up existing pieces of music on your computer in programs such as Peak or Sound Studio and use them as examples as well. Be sure to be aware of copyright laws if you plan to use this method and sell the music you create with your MPC. When you load the samples on your MPC 1000, you can assign the samples to 16 MPC pads on the device and use them to create sequences and strokes.

Integrate MPC 1000 into your DAW

The Akai MPC 1000 has MIDI In and MIDI Out ports for connecting to your keyboard and digital audio workstation. Connect the MIDI Out keyboard to MIDI in 1 on the MPC 1000, and MIDI OUT from MPC to MIDI In on the keyboard. Set the keyboard to LOCAL OFF. This allows the keyboard to ‘talk’ to the MPC. On the MPC 100, set the mode to MIDI / SYNC and set the Active Track Receive Channel to ALL and Soft to AS TRACK. Your keyboard now plays the same sound as the pads on your MPC. If you want to hear both audio and MIDI data, connect the audio outputs on both devices to a mixing desk.

For more information and tips on the MPC 1000, there are many downloadable PDF tutorials available for purchase, as well as YouTube videos to view for free. Either of these options can be greatly increased in the manual included in the MPC. Akai MPC 1000 is the most popular Akai MPC. It is a full-featured, highly portable sampling production station available at a relatively low cost, making it the perfect choice among aspiring electronic musicians who want to dive into the sampling and beat process. The MPC 1000 has 32-voice stereo testing, 64-track sequencing and 16 pressure- and speed-sensitive MPC pads, ideal for creating sequences or playing beats in real time.