Bachata Instructions

By | April 6, 2021

Dominican Bachata (the original style)

In this dance you will integrate free style patterns and footwork with a ‘jumping’ energy. You will not participate in too many swing patterns. The basic step is a front and rear movement with three steps and a pop. Each of these three steps will cause your hips to float, while the pop of the hips is accented on the fourth stroke. Make a half pivot by turning in three steps and moving on the fourth count. An example of the Dominican style can be seen in a video on

Traditional style Bachata h2> The traditional Bachata is danced all over the world and is the most common style. Use small hip movements on the fourth bill while you are in close contact with your partner. You will also do many rounds and dips with the leading male leader. An example of the traditional Bachata can be seen at

Modern Style Bachata h2> The modern style Bachata contains other styles such as Zouk, Tango and Bolero. Perform cross steps, where on counts 1, 2 and 3, cross your foot while leading or following. In Bill 4, you retain the traditional style of Bachata hip movement. Here there are more pictures, detailed footwork and movement with rhythmic accents. Check out an example of Bachata Moderna at Bachaten is a dance originating in the Dominican Republic. Bachata music, played in brothels and bars, was considered low class. It was banned from the radio before 10 o’clock In the 1960s, however, musicians were allowed to record this music, which paved the way for Bachata to become popular in Latin society and beyond. The Bachata lyrics speak of lost love, heartbreak and sorrow. Today, Bachata dance contains different styles due to its fusion with Hip Hop, R & B and other Latin music.