What is an Octave Greek Bouzouki?

Basics The octave Greek bouzouki is a guitar-like musical instrument that has a pear-shaped body, is usually about 53 inches long (unless you use a smaller version that resembles a mandolin) and has four double course strings over the frets. Many Irish and Greek citizens use the instrument and have special settings that suit their… Read More »

Teak oil vs Heavy oil for bass

Tea tree oil Teak oil is commonly used on hardwoods, such as mahogany or teak, and is preferred for forests that are regularly exposed to moisture, as in many marine crafts or hardwood floors. Like any oil resistance, some oil products give a deep hue to the natural color of the wood. Tungolja Heavy oil… Read More »

How to buy camera parts

1. Visit the camera manufacturer’s website to determine which camera parts are recommended for your model and to get their contact information. Call the manufacturer directly if you need more information on buying camera Parts for vintage cameras or discontinued camera models. Assistance varies on unsupported models, but such information provides a useful guideline for… Read More »

What is the structure of Rap Music?

Basic structure Rap songs follow a similar structure as most popular music, but like all music, there is a lot of variety. The basic structure of a rap song is verse one, chorus, verse two, run, bridge and run. Often an intro and outro can be added to that structure. Verses Verses usually consist of… Read More »

Strange instruments in an orchestra

Types There are a variety of strange types of instruments in orchestras. The Olive-Mead Quartet, a New York-based chamber music ensemble, broadens the spectrum by integrating folk instruments such as balalaika and domra. Composers such as Paul Creston write pieces that require the inclusion of pop musical instruments, such as the accordion. Then there are… Read More »

How to Set a Tenor Banjo

1. Choose an electric tuner to make sure you match the strings to exactly the right pitch. If you are new to music, it is easier to tune an instrument if you have a device that guides you as your ear develops. It is also much easier to learn a new piece if you know… Read More »

How to Compile an Essential Dean Martin Discography

1. Buy ‘Dino: The Essential Dean Martin’ if you want to own the most complete compilation of his hits in a single source. This collection was released in 2004 by Capitol Records, and has been released since 2005 as a Special Platinum Edition. The 2004 release features 30 digitally remastered songs. Among these are the… Read More »

Easy acoustic songs to play

Learn chord diagrams and tabulation Simple acoustic music is often written in tablature (TAB), which is a light note system for guitar players. All acoustic guitar players who want to play simple songs should have at least a basic understanding of how the tab works. You can buy a book on the reading tab from… Read More »

How to transpose an English horn to an oboe

1. Read the music written for an oboe. 2. Transpose by lifting each note seven half steps. Think of half-steps as the black keys on a piano. Each white key is a note that is different from the next white key while a black key is half the tone. 3. Write about the music with… Read More »