Buying Guide on Squier Guitars

By | April 12, 2021

Squier vs Fender

Some amateur guitarists develop the false impression that the only difference between Squier and Fender guitars is the name of the mainstay. Squier guitars are built to Fender specifications. Aesthetically, the two brands look almost identical. In terms of quality and functionality, Fender guitars can easily surpass Squier guitars. Fender uses better hardware, better pickups, better cuts of wood, and has higher quality control from the factory. That’s why Fender guitars are significantly more expensive than Squier.

Japanese Squires

The old Japanese Squiers are an exception to the general rule that Squier is suitable for beginners and amateurs who want to save money. Squiers made in Japan are quite inexpensive, but much higher in quality than guitars currently produced by Squier. Those guitars were originally produced with much better components and quality control than the typical Squier guitar.

Squier Bullet and Affinity Series

The Bullet and Affinity series are the lowest prices on Squier guitars. They are the lowest quality line and are best suited for beginners who do not want to spend much on a guitar. For their price ranges, both series are respectable in comparison with the other alternatives. Guitars that cost about $ 100- $ 200 more tend to be noticeably better than guitars from any of these series, which offer the only decent options for a Fender-style guitar for less than $ 200.

Standard, Artist and Deluxe Squier Guitars When it comes to quality, standard Squier guitars are quite similar to Artist, Deluxe and other slightly more expensive series. When it comes to cost, the standard Squier series is the best bargain. Some of the other more expensive Squier guitars have better aesthetic properties or parts that can justify extra costs for some players. Those guitars match the prices of lower, used Fender guitars, and are great options for hobbyists and intermediate students.

Change Squiers

Some guitarists buy Squier guitars with the intention of changing them. It is not typically an economical option. Almost every piece of hardware and electronics needs to be replaced with a Squier to make it a more useful guitar for higher players. It will eventually cost enough money to motivate you to buy a better guitar in the first place.

If modification is the goal, try to focus on Squiers built with all-wood bodies. Focus on aesthetics because the quality of the components at the higher end Squiers is still not good enough to avoid replacing them for a modification project. Squier is owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Squier specializes in producing lower version Fender guitars that are designed to provide an economical alternative for beginners, students and hobbyists. The transition from a Squier guitar to a Fender guitar is quite natural when guitarists are ready to move up to better quality guitars.