Can I Make Money Selling My Beats?

By | February 7, 2014

MarkusEarning a livelihood from something you’re passionate about is the biggest desire of any person. And, when the area of interest is the music industry, then one may hold a goldmine after uphill struggle. Selling your beats may prove a good prospect for those who aspire to earn. Most people have a misconception that it is an intricate job, but selling beats to make money can become reality of your life. While there are a number of ways to make money by selling beats, all that is required is the right approach at the right time.

While there are different ways to turn beats into income, most producers known little about how to sell my beats online. After spending a number of hours polishing your craft, it is equally important to learn production techniques to make it to the best. Here are some ways to make money by selling your beats.

Sell licenses and make payments online

Selling licenses of your beats is certainly the easiest and the definitive way to grow your wealth with your beats. After creating a decently-sized catalog of standard beats, one can consider registering and setting up a website of your own for cheap. Besides, you can also sign up to the service of VIP artist such as Music Centro, which will avail you with an opportunity to set up a home page for selling beats. In addition to this, you must have a PayPal account with a view to receiving payments online. However, you can also arrange payments through services like Western Union, Google wallet or bank transactions.

Jeejuh-200x200-01Sell beats of other producer

It takes a significant time to push the beats of other producers and that’s why you may think about building a group of beat makers. This will not only nurture each other’s creatively but will also provide customers with a continuous stream of new material. In this case, you can make money selling beats by agreeing to take a certain part of sales made by fellow producers. Once you bring together a strong team, you can put on show a varied range of beat styles. Besides, you can increase the market share to a great extent.

Beat tapes

This is another great thing you can consider making. Akin to selling mp3, it is always worth while to release beat tapes. This can bring you a whopping amount while generating an excitement among the fans. More the sale of beat tapes, more you will be recognized among the fans. Over years, you can add to the sales and enjoy the affluence. Some sites can work the best to sell your albums by distributing songs to its digital partners like MySpace Music, Rhapsody, iTunes or Amazon. Best of all, you can have the ability to enter your beats into sync licensing that can potentially make money selling beats.
No work is possible without efforts, but no effort can be prolific without proper thoughtfulness. Implementing these simple yet proven ways can assist you make the most of generating beats.

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