Can you download iTunes to a computer?

By | April 11, 2021


Yes, iTunes can be downloaded to a computer. Macintosh computers are already installed with iTunes, as they are manufactured by Apple.

iTunes vs. WMP

Most PC users use Windows Media Player to play music and video files. With iTunes, you not only get a media player, you can also buy music and video content and get free podcasts.


The iTunes application is free and easy to download. The price for downloading music and video varies. For example, a music CD starts at about $ 15. A single song can cost from 69 cents to $ 1.29.

Download h2> You can download iTunes on your computer from the Apple website. You will also find information there on system requirements and how much hard disk space is needed to run the program.


Once the download is complete, you will need an Apple account to purchase music and video content from iTunes. You do not need an Apple account to add music you already have to CDs or to your mp3 player. iTunes is a multimedia application created by Apple Computer. It is used to download music and video to a computer. You can buy music and video content from Apple, and you can stream some content for free.