Choosing guitar strings

By | April 7, 2021


There are three main types of guitar strings. To know what type of guitar you have, you can choose the right string type. If you have an electric guitar, you need to buy ‘electric’ strings, also called ‘steel’ strings. If you have a classical or folk guitar then you need to buy ‘nylon’ strings. These strings are also sometimes labeled as ‘classical’ or ‘folk-style’ guitar strings. If you own an acoustic guitar, it is sometimes called a ‘flat’ guitar than you need to buy ‘acoustic’ or ‘bronze’ guitar strings.


There are many different measuring instruments to choose from, depending on the type of guitar you own Electric guitar string meters are divided by the size of the string. They normally range from .08 to .13, the number indicates the size in millimeters of the guitar’s first string. Classical and acoustic guitar string meters are sorted by labels from light meters to heavy meters. They are also sometimes labeled as light voltage to high voltage. If you are a beginner player, it is recommended that you start with a lighter gauge string, as it is lighter on your fingers and then go up to a higher gauge later until you find the right string for you.

Other There are several other types of specialized electric guitar strings used for certain types of music, mostly jazz. Many jazz guitarists prefer to use ‘flat wounds’ and ‘semi-flat wounds’ strings. These strings feel like a combination of nylon and steel strings and they let the player ‘slide’ over the strings very quickly and with little resistance. Guitarists who play very fast chords, such as jazz players, prefer these strings over the usual steel strings on their electric guitars.