DIY Microphone Stand

By | April 7, 2021


The parts of this place vary depending on how high you want to make it. You will need a piece of 3/4-inch plywood in a square for the base. For a small microphone table in table tops, a 4-inch-4-inch wood product will work. If you are going to build an entire 5-foot stand, increase the size of the plywood to support greater height (a piece about 1-foot-1-foot should be enough for a full-size microphone). In addition, you need a length of PVC pipe. The PVC pipe follows the same principle: If you build a small 18-inch stand, 3/4 inch PVC pipe will work. For a higher stand, go up to 1 1/4-inch PVC pipe, which helps stabilize the stand. You also need a 3/4-inch split T, floor flange and screw socket. The size of the flange and the adapters depends on the size of the tube.

Build the stand

Place the wood on the ground and screw the floor flange in the middle of the wood. Screw one of the adapters to the floor flange, making sure it is tight (a loose base can cause the microphone to stand over). Place the length of the PVC pipe in the adapter so that it protrudes from the wood. Then place the other adapter on top of the PVC pipe. Watch out for this adapter as the split T must be 3/4 inch (this is the best size to hold the microphone); You may need an adapter that is the size of your PVC pipe at one end and 3/4 inch at the other. After placing the adapter on the tube, screw in the bottom of the pitch T so that the open part is on top of the stand. This T should be the perfect size to hold your microphone. With technology that allows people to be rock stars and broadcasters in their living room, you may be in a microphone stand. You can go to a music store and buy one, but if you do not need an industrial model that many will see, it is so much better to do it yourself. Building your own microphone stand is extremely easy to do and can be done for a minimal cost.