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Hey there everyone and thank you for reading my Dr Drum review.

First off, if you don’t know what Dr Drum is, then click here to check it out (opens in a new window and you will also be able to see what I am talking about).

My nadrdrum drum softwareme is Marcus from TopBeatSoftware.com and I’ve been making my own beats for about 4 years now. I enjoy making Dubstep, hip hop and trance. Most of the beats that I make are with beat making software and when I first started making beats I can remember the frustration of finding a GOOD beat maker that didn’t break the bank. I gave free beat makers a try only to find out they where either CRAP! or they disabled all the features you need to actually make a beat until you paid to upgrade.

I found out about Dr. Drum about 18 months ago when I was looking for a new beat making program because I was a little over using FL Studio. After doing some research on Dr.Drum I could see it had mostly good reviews, so I decided to buy it because it was pretty cheap.

I’ve been using it ever since because it is just so much easier and faster to make the beats I want to make. Before writing this review I had been using version 2.0 of the software and only just upgraded(free) to the newer version 3.0 last week. Man I have got to say, it kicks ASS!

There are some really cool new features which has made the program so MUCH BETTER!!

Here are some really cool things you get with the new version of Dr. Drum

dr. drum software

  • You get the downloadable software + online version of Dr.Drum
  • 3000 Sounds and samples to make your beats with.
  • It has a 10 Pad sampling drum machine
  • 16 Track sequencer with keyboard short cuts.
  • There is a 4 octave sampling keyboard(use your computer keyboard to tap in beats)
  • New interactive chording tool. Just started using this and it’s very cool!
  • Comes with easy to follow training videos – Shows you how to make beats
  • Import your own kits using the importing wizard. I love this feature..
  • It works on both PC and Mac computers.
  • Click here to watch some awesome videos of the software in action!
  • There are way to many features to list. If you watch the videos on the link above they will show you a complete list of cool features…


Some things I didn’t like about Dr.Drum..

  •  It wont work on my iPad. I emailed support and they did say the next version will be compatible with iPads, Tablets and handheld devices.
  • I’d like to see a search function in the sound kit library, this would make it a lot faster to sift through the sounds you want. Not a big deal but I think it’s a good request(I emailed them and they said they will consider it in the next version).

At this stage that’s all I have, everything else seems to be working very well.



I’m going to put it like this :                       Final Rating: 9/10   Definitely worth the money!

For the money, it’s a great peice of software and I use it a LOT!

It’s just so fast and easy to use and would be great for beginners. I just wish it was around when I first started because things would have been so much easier!

If you you’re in the market for something that wont frustrate you and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg then give it a shot. Click here and see some samples and more info


Installing Dr Drum

First off, this is the process you have to go through to buy Dr Drum..

Once you click that fancy “Buy Now” or “Get Instant Access” button you’re taken to an order page which is hosted at JVZoo. I’ve personally purchased a lot of stuff from JVZoo and know they are a trusted site. This actually built my trust levels up a little. I know they’re a reputable company, and products get absolutely grilled when going through their submission process.

After you pay for the program you are taken to a thank you page with instructions on how to download your copy of Dr. Drum. They also send you an email with the same instructions. These instructions include your log in details to the members area. This is also where you download the program.

Once you’re in the members area, there is the option to download your software. There is also some other links and some videos…Don’t bother with the links but they do have some good tutorials.

Quick Tip: Always do a virus scan on ANY software or program you download on the internet. We used the PRO version of AVG anti-virus scanner and Dr.Drum had no viruses or threats..

Ok, so once you download Dr Drum onto your PC or Mac computer (I installed Dr. Drum on my PC which runs Windows 8), simply run the installation wizard. It’s really easy and all you have to do is follow the prompts..Installing the software takes about 5 minutes.


If you enjoyed this Dr Drum review and if you’ve got some friends who might get a kick out of it then please do give us a share..much appreciated 😀


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