Equipment needed to become a DJ

By | April 5, 2021


There are some basic tools needed to become a DJ. Turntables or decks are the first things. Mixers are required to channel the sound on the turntables. An amplifier is needed to amplify the sound of the amplifier. Speakers or stereo systems are needed for everyone to be able to hear the DJ’s production. Sanding mats are also required for a DJ to scratch. This gives the DJ unit better control over the turntable.


Turntables can run the column in terms of price. Although belt-driven turntables are cheaper, direct-drive turntables are best used all around. Some of the best turntables are Soundlab, Gemini, Numark, Kam and Citronic. main brand of turntables, but it is best to experiment and decide which one is best. Make sure that the turntable has the functions that allow you to change the heart rate so that you can control the speed of the disc. Mixers need headphones to hear a mix before they are delivered to an audience.


Better equipment makes techniques easier to learn. If the turntables do not have heart rate control, it will be impossible to shuffle records that do not have the same tempo. Sanding mats maintain the life of the board. Without a mixer, a DJ would not be able to put together a song and keep people on the dance floor for significant periods of time.


Using table top players is attractive because they are the cheap option and allow the DJ to get started faster in many cases. Young DJs will get frustrated with belt-driven turntables and may even quit without understanding the real issue. Belt-driven turntables lack the control that DJ players need to stop, start and mix a disc manually.

Expert Insight

One of the most comprehensive sites on DJ equipment and styles is DJ Vibe. It offers interviews with DJs from all over the world. There are also discussion forums where new DJs can ask questions about equipment experiences. This is a one-stop shop for objective information about the DJ world. The expression ‘You get what you pay for’ has never been as valid as in audio equipment. DJs have spent countless hours and dollars trying to take shortcuts with tools that do not get the job done. With a little research and advice from experts, up and down DJs can learn more about the basics of the equipment.