Famous Broadway Duet Songs

By | April 4, 2021

Female duets

Female duets are popular among Broadway performers. Louise and June performed ‘If Momma Married’ in the musical ‘Gypsy’, which made its Broadway debut in 1959. ‘Poor Little Pierette’, performed by Madame Dubonnet and Polly, is a track from the musical ‘The Boyfriend’ which debuted in 1954. ‘Woman of the Year’, which debuted in 1981, contains the duet ‘The Grass is Always Greener’, performed by Tess and Jan. ‘Chicago’, which debuted in 1975, shows many duets, including ‘Class,’ performed by Mama and Velma. ‘Baby Dream Your Dream’, performed by Nickie and Helene, is another of these female duets from the 1966 musical ‘Sweet Charity’.

Male Duets

Male duets are another popular feature in Broadway musicals. ‘We Can Do It’ from ‘The Producers’, which debuted in 2001, is performed by Leo and Max. Archibald and Neville performed ‘Lily’s Eyes’ in’ The Secret Garden ‘, which debuted in 1991.’ The Fantasticks’, which debuted in 1960 and ran for 42 years, featured ‘I Can See It’ performed by Matt and El Gallo. Even small characters made an impression in the category of male duets, ‘Brush up your Shakespeare’, from ‘Kiss Me Kate’, which debuted in 1948, performed by the first and second gangsters.

Male and female duets

Female and female duets wowed audiences on Broadway in performances such as ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, which debuted in 1946. In this musical, Annie and Frank performed ‘All You Can Do’. ‘You’ Are Great, ‘from the 1934 musical’ Anything Goes’ was performed by Reno and Billy. Reno also performed with Moonface in the song ‘Friendship’ from the same show. Danny and Sandy performed ‘You Are The One I Want’ in 1972’s ‘Fat’. ‘It Takes Two’ from the 2002 musical ‘Hairspray’ was performed by Link and Tracy.

Humorous Duets

Some Broadway duets were meant to be fun, as in Desiree and Fredrik’s performance of ‘You Must Meet My Wife’ from the 1973 musical ‘Little Night Music’. ‘ Sue Me ‘, performed by Miss Adelaide and Nathan in the 1950 musical’ Guys and Dolls’, was also lovely. Nick and Fanny hammered it out in 1964 showing ‘Funny Girl’ with the song ‘You are Woman, I’m Man.’ Another classic funny piece came from ‘Chicago’ in Billy and Roxy’s performance of ‘We Both Reached for the Gun’.

Romantic Duetter

It is clear that some duets that are suitable for a male and a female performer are romantic in nature. Curly and Laurey’s ‘People Will Say We Are In Love’ from the 1943 musical ‘Oklahoma’ is one such example. ‘All I Ask For You’, performed by Raoul and Christine in 1988, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, is an affirmative but romantic love song. Kim and Chris performed ‘Sun and Moon’ in ‘Miss Saigon’, which debuted in 1991. Broadway is the street in New York that houses the theater district and is the most famous place for musical theater in the world. Hundreds of theatrical performances originate on Broadway, the most profitable and entertaining that sometimes leaves their Broadway home and travels the country. Many of the songs in these musicals are popular performance pieces for both professionals and amateurs. Broadway duets can be performed by two men, two females or a man and a woman. Some are serious and romantic, while others are light and humorous.