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beat machine btv soloDo you want to make quality beats either for fun or to sell? Well a free beat maker definitely won’t cut it. You’re going to have to bite the bullet and spend some money because really there are no real free beat makers out there! There is, but they come with a catch….

You see most free beat making programs are either trials with limited functions or they are freebies that are full of ads or possible viruses. Good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good program, in fact you can download beat making software for less than $30.

List of Top Beat Maker Software Under $50

We are lucky enough to have tried and tested a LOT of music making programs and we know what works and what doesn’t. Below is a list of some amazing beat makers for those on a budget.

BTV Solo Music Production SoftwareBTV Solo Music Production Software
This beat maker isn’t free, and you wont find a BTV Solo torrent ANYWHERE because of the security features they use in the program(if you do find a torrent I can guarantee it’s a scam), anyway it would have to be the best beat maker on the market under $50. It actually sells for much less retailing at $29.95.

Has a very cool interface the ability to customize skins so you can make it suit your personal preference. Has hundreds of sounds and effects built-in and very cool features and functions which allow you to make beats in any genre and music style. Import your own samples and kits and be as creative as you like!

Compatible with both Mac and Windows machines.

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dubturboDubturbo Beat Making Software
Dubturbo has been around for a few years now and it’s a solid beat maker for the price. Comes loaded with hundreds of sounds and effects so you can make beats fast. Draw in beats using the sequencer using your computer keyboard or use a midi controller.

You can also create just about any style of music. With Dubturbo you can import your own kits (Purchase kits or create your own). Make dubstep, hip hop, dance, rap, techno, reggae, trance, rock the list goes on and on.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows machines.

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What To Look For In A Beat Maker

This will depend of the user but if you’re new to beat making software then it’s important to look for something that is easy to use, has lots of quality sounds and effects built-in, and has tutorials that show you how to use the software.

If you don’t like the beat makers we have listed then be sure to do your research before you buy. Look out for reviews and testimonials of people that have used the program as this will give you a better idea of what the beat maker is really like.

Free vs paid – Again, be careful with free downloads. Not all freebies are safe and some can harm your computer. Do your research even if it is a free beat maker just to see if others have had problems with viruses or if it’s worth the download.

Good luck and we wish you success in your beat making journey.

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