Hand Jive Dance Step

By | April 6, 2021


Beat your upper thighs with the palm of your hand twice. This counts for steps one and two. Add your own smooth movements, such as moving your hips from right to left to spice it up a bit.


Raise your hands to the center of your chest and squeeze them twice. These are steps three and four. Keep in mind that these pats should be quick. Two pats for one blow.


Keep your hands out of your palms without pulling out your arms. The hands should be at waist level. For steps five and six, wave right under your right hand horizontally over the top of your left hand. Then turn your left hand over your right hand to complete steps seven and eight.


Make two fists and bend your elbows. Make sure your thumb is on top of your fists. Lightly pound the top of your left fist with the bottom of your right fist twice to complete steps nine and 10. Pound the top right hand with the bottom of your left hand to complete steps 11 and 12.

Thumbs Up Extend your thumb while your hands are still in a fist so that you look like you are giving two thumbs up. Tap your right shoulder twice to complete steps 13 and 14. Repeat with your left thumb over your left shoulder, and you have done steps 15 and 16.

Now you can handle yourself

Bring your own style of hand jive dancing now that you know all the steps. Rock your hips, hand jive in pairs or hand jive in a line dance. This hand-dance can be done by anyone, even the rhythmically challenged. The hand-jive dance became popular with the film ‘Grease’ in 1978 in the memorable dance competition scene. Handj√§rnet is a 16-step series of simple hand movements performed to Sha Na Na’s song ‘Hand Jive’. Once you have read the basic steps, you will see that you were also born to handle jive — baby.