Hand strengthening exercises for guitar playing

By | April 4, 2021

Guitar playing requires good hand strength. Although it is possible to build hand strength through frequent practice of the instrument, there are a number of specific hand strengthening exercises recommended by professional guitar players. According to the Buzzle website, hand-stretching and wrist-strengthening exercises can enable the individual to increase the duration of her gig through increased hand endurance.

Wrist Exercise

A strong, flexible wrist is essential for playing the guitar. Therefore, the Buzzle website recommends an effective wrist exercise that requires handles. Hold the handle between your fingers and the palm of the hand with the tensile strength you are comfortable with before doing ten to fifteen repetitions with each hand. However, no more than fifteen repetitions are recommended; Stop performing repetitions if you experience fatigue in the wrist.

Stretching Exercise

Exercises that increase hand strength are also important. You can either sit down or stand upright. Pull your arms in the air with your palms facing the ceiling. Then turn your palms towards the floor and turn them again towards the ceiling. Bend each finger forward and backward. The position of each hand and finger should be held for thirty seconds.


Taping each left finger on a table is an effective way for guitar players to build hand and finger strength in what is likely to be their non-dominant hand. Begin your workout by resting your fingers on a table so that your hand resembles a spider. First, the fingers will create different volume levels, as the strength of each finger varies. The purpose, however, is to make the taps from all the fingers sound the same, while the different fingers vary.

Finger shaking

Finger shaking is a particularly good workout for classical guitar players. Free Guitar Play Guitar cites handshake as an effective method of building strength in the hands. Referring to training as a successful way to relieve tension in the fingers and hands, the website encourages guitar players to shake their fingers before performance to maximize finger strength and flexibility.