Here’s how to find the value of original Disney movies

By | April 8, 2021


Standard VHS Disney movies were mass-produced and the value can range from as little as $ 3, $ 5 or $ 7. VHS movies on gold movies on original Disney movies can fetch up to $ 30 depending on availability and rarity.

Original Disney movies in VHS tapes must be in good condition and have an original cover. These are called ‘clam shell’ cases, and are hard plastic, usually the original case that came with the VHS movie, with original Disney art. The value will be more if the case was never opened and the original plastic shrink film is unbroken.


The best place to find these and other types of original Disney movies (and to check current market value) is Ebay. A fixed price auction from a professional film dealer on Ebay is a good indicator of the current value of the original.

There are a lot of lists of original Disney movies on Ebay, and it’s easy to see the rarity of an original Disney movie with how long the video stays listed, or how many people are willing to bid if the video is listed in auction format, not one fixed price.

Some auction prices for original Disney movies exceed the real value if the movie is rare, which means a limited amount. Sometimes original Disney movies were black and white, before the coloring process, and these original Disney movies are popular with collectors who like the pre-‘Snow White ‘album of color treatment. (Disney movies were colored in the early 1930s with ‘Snow White’).


Another place to search for the value of original Disney movies would be current Disney Collector Guides and through fellow clubs for Disney collectibles. Often these clubs have newsletters with up-to-date information on market trends and good networks for colleagues of old Disney movies.

Original Disney movies are movies that were the first release on VHS. The value depends on rarity, and rarity depends on various factors. whether they are black and white if the Disney characters are in their earliest forms, how they were first drawn by Disney cartoonists; if the movie has double cartoon characters or if the tape contains news reference movies from the cartoon time period as a bonus feature.