Homemade Telecaster Bass

By | April 10, 2021


Trace the shape of a Telecaster base on a base subject. You can also use an image of a Telecaster base to approximate the shape. The Telecaster shape is very unique and is modeled after the famous Telecaster guitar from Fender.

Cut out the rough shape you have drawn with a vertical band saw. This saw allows you to cut the curves in this special shape. If you do not have access to a vertical band saw, you can use a jigsaw to cut out the shape.

Sand the edges of the newly cut body with an orbital sander. You can use this grinding tool to finish the mold, and the sander removes material if you spend enough time grinding in the same area. You want it to be as close to a real Telecaster base as possible.

Roll the cavity for retrieval. Telecaster bases traditionally have only a single-coil pickup, so measure the pickup and use a router to accommodate its shape and depth.


Buy a Telecaster neck or make one from a neck. You can use the traditional Telecaster head shape or create your own head shape. The traditional Telecaster neck is very thin, and the main stem is also smaller than a Jazz or Precision bass. When making a homemade base, it is sometimes advisable to buy a finished neck due to the complicated nature of the building. Allparts and Warmoth sell Telecaster bass necks.


Attach the bridge and pickup to the body first. This allows you to make sure that these two important components are listed correctly.

Secure the neck to the body by screwing it through the back of the body into the neck of the body. You should use at least four large wood screws to make sure that the neck does not shift when the strings are set.

Wire pickup and electronics, including pots. You should have a fine-sized control cavity to secure the pots and store all electronics for active pickups. Telecaster pickups are traditionally passive, so this cavity can be quite small in that case. Making a homemade Telecsater base is a matter of following the Fender example of the 1960s. Their very well known Telecaster base has been copied by many, and there are aftermarket parts available for you to create your own version. By following basic techniques, you can create your own Telecaster that you can customize to your needs without spending thousands on a vintage base.