How Hollywood Makes Vampire Fangs

By | April 6, 2021


Lower budget films can appeal to a number of companies that produce high-quality vampire prisoners, either in the form of whole ‘prostheses’ or caps placed over an actor’s dog teeth. The teeth are different from the type of vampire teeth that you find in Halloween stores because of their attention to detail. Otherwise, a film can instead call on its special effects staff to create customized captives for its actors by sculpting them on cast teeth and making a mold out of it.


Due to the nature of close-ups, makeup for movies must look extremely realistic. This means that vampire prisoners must fit exactly in the actor’s mouth. This is a problem because there is a lot of variation in the form of one person’s chewing gum to another p. Manufacturers solve this in two ways: Either they make prisoners who when heated become agile and take on human form, or they make their own captures based on a mold of the actor’s mouth.


If a film-producing company is to make its own custom-made prisoners based on an actor’s mouth, molds from that mouth must be made. The substance used for this is called alginate, and it is the same substance that dentists use to mold your teeth. It comes in the form of a white powder which when mixed with water begins to harden over a few minutes. It is one of the few shaping compounds out there that is safe to put in your mouth.

Make your own

Although you can get cheap prisoners in any Halloween store, realistic Hollywood vampire teeth can be quite expensive. Instead of paying a lot of money, you can create your own by making a shape of your teeth from alginate and making a resin casting. You can then change the cast with polymer clay to make captives and make another mold out of it. Then swish liquid acrylic inside the other mold and let it harden. Be sure to use safe, non-toxic paints or makeup when coloring it.

Latex vs Acrylic

Acrylic is the material you choose for most film vapors, especially since it can be safely colored. Latex, on the other hand, does not look as realistic as acrylic. It does not have the same structure and appearance as real teeth, but it can be used for good effect on meat such as gums. In other words, it provides supporting details for the full vision. Hollywood movies require extremely detailed and realistic-looking special effects and makeup, especially since the advent of high-definition movies. This also applies to vampire prisoners, where any inaccuracies will appear on film and look out of place. There are several companies that make these catches, most of them in acrylic, which is ideal for achieving some of the yellowed transparency of real teeth. These dentures have many of the same properties as dental-type dentures.