How Krump Dance

By | April 10, 2021


First you have to ‘get into the zone’, think of all the things that make you angry or tickled.

Take your arms and throw them into the air, as you want to fight someone. Please do not hit someone who is not the way it works.


Keep your feet planted and throw the upper body forward as you lung at someone, this is to show your aggression.


Then pull your body back like someone lungs on you, this is to show your fear.


Stop your feet forward while stomping as if you are stomping while walking, because you are angry.


You can do anything you want with your hands and feet as long as you express emotions through your dance.


Swing your arms violently as if trying to hit someone. chest that you are archaic. Puffing your chest out shows your dominance so you should try to include it in your dance.

Krumping does not cut, although the two often get confused. To maintain balance, learn the difference and make sure you do not respect Krumpers by Clowning instead, they tend to be offended by that kind of action.

If you’re still confused about what Krumping is or how to do Krump, the movie Take on Everything or Nothing has an entire scene on Krump dance and how to accomplish it. I suggest you look at it to get a feel for what to express. Turn on the internet and look up Krump dance clips on and take a look at how it is done. The clips are from Kings of Krump which is the best of the best from the tournaments.

The old saying goes ‘I can show you better than I can tell’.

Krumpdansning is called Krumping. It is a hip-hop style dance with very aggressive movements. The idea is to use all the root emotions that are inside you and turn it into a stomping pop lock dance with flare.

The dance is judged by high variations and individuality. The dance should express anger, so the movements should be fleeting. The movements should be dramatic and top notch. The purpose of Krumping is to portray your anger and stifle aggression in a dance routine to be interpreted by those who look at you. Your dance should make them feel your anger.