How Sexy Dance

By | April 9, 2021

If you are sexy dancing to mambo, salsa, ballet, booty shake, classical, waltz, jazz or hip hop dance, the first step to a really sexy dance is to connect to your body. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it. The best sex happens when you do not believe, right? The best dance. When your hand is on fire, the message to move your hand does not pass through your brain. So when you are on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and they want to dance, you have to have the same mentality. Let your body go to really become sexy and sexy dance. Watch Tyra Banks on one of her many shows. She is very spontaneous and a good example of what I am talking about.

2. Once you have contacted your body by removing your mind from the picture, the next step goes Sexy dance is to connect with your partner. The best and sexiest dance on all these TV dance shows looks like ‘So you think you can dance’ is when you can see that the partners may only have sex after the show is over. Giving you the freedom to sexy dance allows you to focus your attention on your partner and feel best about what he or she is doing. Make eye contact. What do their eyes tell you? Focusing on them will keep you from focusing on yourself, which further frees you up for sexy dancing.


The last step to sexy dancing, after you release your body, and focus on your partner or date’s sexiness, is to join the music. Different music makes you want to do different things. Different kinds will touch different parts of you. Let it. Do not inhibit your movement at all. The sexiest dance is done a little unreasonably, when the dancer does not even try. Music today has a lot of bass, which with the help of today’s pure power. Bass is a wave that physically moves you, like an earthquake. Do not struggle with it. The reason why music is music is that it rhythmically matches waveforms with the body’s natural rhythms. Finding that rhythm is sexy dancing. Remember, let go, watch your partner and move with, not against, the music. Now let’s see your best sexy dance!

I never understood people halfway dancing. If you’re going to dance, sexy dance! Dancing should be sexy. Dancing is sex. All animals do it to attract friends. What do you want to half dance and be alone all your life or put on that line? When you dance from now on, you go to sexy dance. Here’s how to dance sexy in three easy steps.