How to add subliminal messages to movies

By | April 3, 2021


Open the movie where you want to add a subliminal message to an editor such as ‘Final Cut Pro’ or ‘Adobe Premiere’.


Open the programs ” File ‘menu and select’ Import. ‘Navigate to the image or image you want to split subliminally in your movie. If you are using typed text, use a program such as ‘Paint’ or ‘Adobe Photoshop’ to create a still image file that contains the text in the desired font, size and color, then save this graphic and open it in your movie editing program.


Open your subliminal video or graphics in the program’s edit window and enter an in-point at the location where your desired subliminal image is displayed. If you use a still image, the input point can be any point on the timeline.


Jump forward over one frame and then set the starting point in the next frame. Your subliminal image should now have a playing time of two frames, which is displayed as ’00: 00: 00: 02 ‘in a one-hour secondary frame time-line reading. At any time and the viewers will recognize the image. slightly shorter and it will get lost in compression.


Drag your subliminal message to the point on the timeline where you want it to appear. Subliminal images placed in the cut between two other images have a subtle disturbing effect; Placing a subliminal image in the middle of a shot, breaking the flow, is more crushing but also easier to fit, especially on a smaller screen.

Open the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Export’ to output your movie with the subtle message.

Tips and warnings

  • If you use subliminal text, work best If you put a full text text on a screen for two seconds does nothing for the viewers, even unconsciously. The images should be equally simplified, but you can choose an image with colors and subject matter that blends with the surrounding images or encounters the viewer, depending on the effect you want to create in your film.
  • The editing package gives filmmakers access to a variety of tricks to enhance their films after shooting has been alleviated. Jump cuts can lend footage a sense of urgency and speed ramping can give your film the look of Hollywood movies like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘300.’ Another trick is intermediate subliminal images, seen (or not seen) in images such as ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Fight Club’. This is an image that flashes on the screen so fast that the viewer does not know they saw it, which provoked unconscious feelings of anxiety.