How to Adjust Fret Buzz on Blueridge Guitars

By | April 11, 2021


Identify the cause of the problem. There are a number of potential reasons for the awesome buzz on guitars. These guitars are well made and some have mahogany fretboards, which is a premium wood. Still, poorly fitted strings, sharp frets and low measures can cause annoying noise. The best way to identify the cause is through an elimination process. Play each fret on the E-top and note the area on the neck where the problem is most pronounced. Then check the other strings to see if the problem is there. If the problem is isolated to a string, replace the string and check again. If it exists on all strings, it is more likely to be a hooked fret.


Tighten all screws and fittings. Sometimes a loose setting key can create a buzz that is very similar to fret buzz. Use a small screwdriver to fix this problem and eliminate loose screws as the cause.


Remove the strings. Once you have identified the reason why you need to remove the strings. Now that the strings are off, you can carefully examine the fretboard.

4. a metal file. The sharp edges should have a gentle contour, so that some joints with sharp edges or small nicks should be smoothed down. Be careful not to overdo it.


Put on a new set of strings, but remember that new strings sound quite bright and clear when first assembled. Play guitar in the former buzzing area and listen for further buzz. If the buzz continues, consider adjusting the bridge height

Test the guitar again with a new bridge height. Be sure to test the entire fretboard, as it is possible that the adjustments you have will allow you to sleep in another area. Although this is unlikely if you have put down all the offending frets and have the bridge set at the appropriate height.

Tips and warnings

  • Always replace your strings with a set of the same gauges. Replacing with lighter or heavier strings can hide the original problem of fret-buzz so you think it’s fixed when it’s not.
  • Do not do it too much. Make it too flat make it useless.
  • Blueridge is a British guitar manufacturer specializing in acoustic guitars for country and bluegrass music. The instrument is designed in the USA. As with all guitars, these instruments are potentially prone to buzz if they are not tuned correctly. Fret buzz is an annoying sound caused when a string vibrates against the edge of the fret. In extreme cases, fret buzz can make some frets unplayable. It is a relatively simple problem to correct once the cause is identified.