How to become a Disney actor

By | April 7, 2021

Land a Disney job


Practice in the discipline you want to perform. Some Disney actors perform in stunt shows while many more are involved in dance and ballet moves. Honing these skills before the audition gives you the best chance of success.


Check the internet or the local newspaper. Disney jobs are often advertised in local newspapers in cities where the major theme parks or resorts are located. In addition, audition information is available online.


Do as much research as possible before you understand what the audition process is. Auditioning for some can be very stressful, and Disney is certainly no exception.


Show up on time. Disney is very strict with its audition policy. Those who do not show up on time will not be allowed to participate in the audition and may have to wait at least six months before auditioning again.


Wear the required clothing. Some auditions allow you to show up in street clothes while others will suggest shaping clothes. All of this will be described in the audition announcement, which is usually announced at least weeks, if not months, before the audition time.


Try to do everything that is required as best as possible. Being an executive at Disney means pushing yourself as an executive. Disney only accepts world-class talent, and if you think you have what it takes, do not be bashful about giving it your best try.

Do not be discouraged if you are not selected at the first audition. That does not mean that you are a bad actor or that you did badly in the audition. Often, Disney is very specific about the type of look they are looking for, and it may be that they simply do not have any parts that suit your situation.

Tips and warnings

  • Remember that exhibitions can be done once every six months.
  • Understand that many Disney appearances take place outdoors, and the job may not be suitable for those who cannot handle the heat, especially in a suit.
  • Very few childhood experiences compare to a trip to a Disney theme park. For those who are lucky enough to experience the journey, the thought may arise for those who work for Disney as actors is something they would really like to do one day. All children who think it is not alone. Working as a stage, character or paired actor for Disney can be fun, but getting the opportunity can also be extremely challenging. Disney usually has no problem attracting a large number of candidates for auditions, which means that they choose the very exclusive.