How to Build a Lap Steel Guitar

By | April 5, 2021


Start with a well-kept wood. The wood you choose is largely up to you, as long as you choose a hardwood. The dimensions of the wood must be 32 by 4 inches, with a thickness of 1-9 / 16 inches. Maple is a nice choice.


Cut and shape the body and forehead of your speed guitar on a wooden tip, of a solid hardwood. The main part of the body will retain the shape and thickness of the original wood, so you will concentrate on shaping the stick head. A band saw does the trick. Squeeze the wood into a vise and use a saw to cut a 1/4-inch hook from the wood. This hook will run the entire width of the wooden tray.


Use a hacksaw or a band saw with a narrow blade to cut and shape the concave slope that passes the pointing head to the body. This will provide the instrument definition. Sand the slope evenly with block grinders.


Boreholes To set keys, then use a wooden turner equipped with a routing tool to make seats for your electrical retrieval and wiring. You also want to drill the holes for the volume button and the cord connector during this step. You can use a hammer and chisel to cut the seat for your pickup, but if you have access to a routing tool and wood lathe, it will make the job easier.


Sprinkle your guitar with whatever color you want. You can also use Danish oil for finishing. Let the guitar dry for at least 8 hours afterwards. You can paint your speed guitar with acrylic paint. After coloring and painting, apply a coating with a glossy, water-resistant varnish.


Leave the fretboard in the body. You can buy a fretboard at many guitar stores, or at a luthier supply store. No special work will be required. This fretboard will already have the cutters marked and the posts in place, which saves time and effort.


Drill holes for the bridge. You will use a metal bridge, so attach the bridge to the lap steel guitar with the screws in the brocade. Screw the bridge to the guitar body.


Install the pickup, volume knob and cord connector. Insert the pick-up into the seat, insert the volume knob into the hole you drilled for it and push the cord plug into the hole. Tighten the download, volume button and cord contact at this time, follow the schedule included in the pickup package you purchased.


Iron your speed guitar and tune it with an electronic tuner. You can buy a tuning chart in any music store, or find one online to help you choose one of the settings. Tune the strings gradually, let them stretch and then repeat the tuning process and gradually bring the strings up to pitch.

Lap Steel Guitar is a popular instrument found in folk, country, bluegrass and even Hawaiian music. Playing a lap steel guitar can be quite fun, and building one for yourself can be a pleasant and rewarding experience. A lap steel guitar is an easy instrument to make, as it does not require any of the detailed shapes and fretwork required in the construction of other types of guitars. All you need is a little patience, some deliveries and a desire to create your own instrument.