How to Build a Les Paul Style Guitar

By | April 8, 2021


Finish a sufficient amount of work surfaces to build your Les Paul guitar. You need a table (covered in the newspaper) in a well-ventilated area that is unreasonable from the rest of the business at home.


Remove the guitar neck from your kit and cover the fretboard with strips of masking tape.


Cover the headband and back of the Les Paul guitar neck with a coat of wood lacquer. Give the tap board at least 24 hours to dry and remove the masking tape from the fretboard.


Take 100 grit sandpaper and sand the front and back of Les Paul’s body until smooth on both sides. Use an old T-shirt to wipe the sawdust off the body.


Apply a primer on your Les Paul body. After your primer coat has dried, lightly sand it again with sandpaper to remove the dried marks in the primer layer.

Spray-paint the guitar’s body color optional. Wait 24 hours for your first coat to dry and then apply a second coat of paint to the Les Paul body.


Use a screwdriver and the screws that will come in your kit to connect Les Paul’s neck to the body. There will be a cutout on the top of the body in the shape of the neck; Slide into place and secure it with screws. Pop all the tuners in the headrest and fasten the screws in place.


Turn the Les Paul control panel. Take a contact wire in the middle of the control plate and solder it to the volume pot. Solder the other contact wire to the tone port. Finally, solder the input socket to the contact wire from the volume pot.


Screw on the Les Paul pick guard. The pick protection protects your body from being harmed by your choice when you play your guitar. The piece is screwed right under the slots for the pickup.


Install the Humbucker guitar suspensions. This is the standard type of pickup that comes with a Les Paul-style guitar. Slide each pickup into its slot and run the wires down to the bottom of the body where the control plate will be attached.


Solder the Humbucker black wires to the volume paw, and the white cables to the switch on the control panel. Secure the control plate in place with screws and your screwdriver.


Hold down the volume, tone and AC switch buttons on the control panel. Connect your bridge to the body of the guitar.


Put on your new guitar strings and put them on. Your guitar is now ready.

One of the most popular body designs and styles of guitar is the Les Paul model. The Les Paul model was originally designed and built in the early 1950s by Ted McCarty and approved by jazz guitar legend Les Paul. This guitar has been used by millions of musicians around the world in all sorts of different music genres. These guitars can be very expensive when purchased from companies with top name retailers, with some guitars selling for $ 1000. The good news is that there are companies that manufacture guitar kits in this style. These kits contain everything you need (except the tools) to build your own Les Paul guitar.