How to build a subwoofer in an entertainment cabinet

By | April 11, 2021


Find out if there is enough closet space in your subwoofer entertainment center. You want to put the subwoofer on one of the lower shelves in the entertainment center to support its weight. Use a tape measure to get measurements of the length and width of the subwoofer, rather than applying these to the measurements of a cabinet in your entertainment center to make sure it is deep enough and high enough to hold the subwoofer.


Use the saw to remove a lower shelf so that the height of the subwoofer can fit, if necessary. Mount the subwoofer in the cabinet in the longitudinal direction or on the side, up and down.


Remove the subwoofer from its measured space. Use the saw to cut a small circle on the back of the entertainment center near the bottom. This is for the cables to go through the subwoofer to the power unit and to connect to the TV or stereo.


Use sandpaper to sand down the edges of the cut wood, if necessary.


Place the subwoofer in the cabinet you created or modified. Create a part of the entertainment center and the area where the subwoofer will go. a shelf on top of that of the slidin g plywood sheet on top of the subwoofer and trim it to fit. This creates a temporary cabinet top for the subwoofer, so you can put things on it if you want. Or you can take wooden boards the width of the cabinet and secure them from the outside with the hammer and nails a few inches above the top of the subwoofer. This creates a more robust and professional tribute.

An entertainment center is an excellent addition to your home. A subwoofer helps improve your sound system and building it in your entertainment cabinet is easier than you think. While it may not look as professional as buying an entertainment center that specifically fits the size of your subwoofer, it is much cheaper and requires little material. All it means is creating a space large enough for your subwoofer (if there isn’t one already) and cutting through the back of the entertainment center so that the equipment cable can pass through the subwoofer.