How to build a vinyl record shelf

By | April 7, 2021


Place the two flat Basalite blocks next to each other (parallel to the wall) where you want your shelf to be. Measure the inside of the blocks to be exactly 13 inches apart. Place the first wooden plank on top of these. Both ends should have a 2-inch overhang.


Place two mill blocks upright on top of the first plank. Each block should be placed on the outside of the block below, measuring an internal distance of 28 ‘from each other. Ideally, the holes in the blocks should face outwards, but this is not a requirement and does not affect use. Lay another plane on top of these blocks and adjust it with the bottom plank. Again, there should be a 2-inch overhang on each side.


Place the last two blocks upright on this plank and in line with the inside of the bottom blocks. The inner distance should be 13 inches from the top two blocks. The holes in the blocks must be uniform, although this is not a requirement. top of these, make sure it is in line with the others.


The top shelf should not be used for vinyl records or other heavy objects. Use should be limited to knick knacks or other light objects. Use the bottom and middle shelves for album storage. These shelves should be able to hold a total of 275 to 300 vinyl albums.

Tips and warnings

  • The shelf set can be disassembled in one minute and reassembled in minutes. If you want the shelf to be ‘fixed’, drill a hole in the top of a plank and into the block. Then use a Phillips screw tip, drill a 1 & # xBD; -inch concrete screw in the plank and block. This will ‘fix’ the blocks to the planks, but make the shelf less mobile.
  • Do not use the top shelf to store anything heavy.
  • Building a shelf for vinyl records can be an easy task with no tools. This type of shelf is easy to move and very robust. Its design allows all types of wood and the addition of stain or paint, which must be applied before assembly.