How to buy a used piano (used grand piano, children’s grand piano, upright piano …)

By | April 11, 2021


Do some research –

Before you start looking at a used piano, do some research on the type of piano you are looking for. Talk to experts and professional piano players. Read aloud on types of piano and parts of a piano.


Bring an experienced piano player –

When buying a used piano, bring someone who knows how to play with you so they can play the piano and you can listen to how it sounds. While some piano playing is subjective, you can get a basic idea of ​​whether the piano sounds directly by listening. If it is very muted or the keys do not play at all or make a buzzing sound, you know something is wrong.


With the piano used, it is very important to look beyond the external appearance. Unlike antique furniture, the real value of a piano is how it works.


Check the piano’s exterior –

Look at the outside of the piano as an indication of the condition of the piano. If it looks neglected, chances are the inside is also neglected.


Check the interior of the piano –

Look for an obvious problem with the piano’s internal functions.


Check how the piano plays –

Try playing all keys (including the black keys). Also try the pedals. Make sure everything is in operation without broken parts.

Find out the age of the piano –

Find the manufacturer’s and serial number on the piano. Search this information to find details about the piano and its age.

Get a professional piano technician to evaluate the piano –

Once you have done the initial evaluation of the quality of the piano, hire a professional piano technician to determine the value of the piano. Piano technicians will be able to tell you how much the piano is worth and how much you would have to pay to fix it.

Tips and warnings

  • Many used piano sellers are inexperienced in knowing how to value a piano. They may try to overload you. Get a professional evaluation because you do not pay too much.
  • This information is based on online research
  • It is important to know how to buy a used piano, no matter what type of piano you plan to buy. Whether you are looking to buy a used grand piano, use a grand piano or use an upright piano, you need to know what to look for when buying and what the value of the piano used should be.

    Read the Steps below for basic steps in how to buy a used piano.