How to buy camera parts

By | April 12, 2021


Visit the camera manufacturer’s website to determine which camera parts are recommended for your model and to get their contact information. Call the manufacturer directly if you need more information on buying camera Parts for vintage cameras or discontinued camera models. Assistance varies on unsupported models, but such information provides a useful guideline for better comparison.


Contact a local camera repair shop if your camera needs service from a professional or if you need help checking which camera parts you want to buy. Get a quote before you buy camera parts elsewhere, as a discount may be available in combination with labor.


Find some of the best deals on new digital camera parts with comparison shopping search engines, with more than one to get the best results. Some examples are Froogle, Yahoo! Shopping and NexTag. CNET Shopper works well to compare prices from leading tourist manufacturers and discount online stores.


Explore online auctions as a resource to purchase camera parts for both vintage cameras and newer models. When you shop for hard to find vintage parts, note the sellers who specialize in your brand and model for future reference. If the part is unlisted, ask the seller if it can be obtained. Tap camera batteries, lenses and flashes are common at online auctions and non-functioning cameras sold at a deep discount that may otherwise work well for parts.


Visit camera and photography forums like Dpreview for further advice on where to buy specific camera parts, accessories and lenses. This is also an effective way to explore user satisfaction with different products and suppliers as well as to get pricing to compare.

6. Consider Craigslist or farmer’s stores for pre-owned camera parts and accessories. When buying pre-owned camera lenses, it is important to know how to inspect them for defects, including scratches, embedded dirt or mold.

Tips and warnings

  • Buy camera files from reputable resellers and review the seller’s policy and hidden costs carefully.
  • If repairs are needed consider whether the camera replacement is more cost effective.
  • Be careful when buying a used camera parts and be prepared to evaluate items for any damage or defects.
  • Camera parts can be hard to find for vintage cameras and quite expensive for new digital cameras. Thankfully, big savings can be achieved if you know where to shop. Before you decide to buy camera parts, it is important to familiarize yourself with your camera type and model. Make sure you have an understanding of basic camera terminology. Read on for tips on how to buy camera parts that suit your needs.