How to buy guitar strings in bulk

By | April 7, 2021


Make sure you know the right string gauge you need for your guitar. Installing the fault meter can seriously damage your guitar. Contact the guitar manufacturer if you are unsure of the correct gauge needed for your guitar.


Visit an auction site like eBay. Suppliers often use auction sites


Order strings from an online wholesaler, such as, or These outlets often offer discounts for bulk purchases and allow you to choose the quantity you want to buy.


Visit your local music store and ask if it sells strings in bulk. Many music stores that do not normally sell in bulk will make an exception if they are superimposed. Buying locally can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on shipping costs.


Call the manufacturer of your favorite strings or visit the company’s website. Many manufacturers sell strings in bulk and are delivered worldwide.

Tips and warnings

  • Order a brand and a model of strings that you are comfortable playing. If you order 50 sets of a brand that you have never tried, you will probably pay a return fee if you do not like the feel or performance of these strings on your guitar.
  • When buying a large quantity of guitar strings from a music store, ask for a discount. Music stores are like car dealers — you can negotiate any aspect of your purchase. But you do not get a discount if you do not ask
  • When ordering online, be sure to calculate the shipping cost to your total purchase price. An exorbitant shipping cost can eliminate the financial benefit of ordering in bulk.
  • Strings can rust due to moisture and limited durability. If you do not intend to use your strings within a year of purchase, consider purchasing airtight storage tubes to keep your strings fresh until used. You can buy storage tubes at many music stores and at
  • If you frequently change guitar strings or have multiple guitars, you can save time and money when buying guitar strings in bulk. Not only do many retailers offer discounts on purchases of strings, but buying in bulk means you have the right strings available when you need them. You can buy guitar strings in bulk online, from a local music store or directly from most manufacturers.