How to buy parts to build your own guitar

By | April 5, 2021


Visit some local pawnshops, as they usually sell musical instruments. There you can find a guitar to start your project. A cheap, play guitar can only have the exact neck or back piece you are looking for and may be worth buying at a discount. Many books also sell used guitar parts.


Go to your local music store. They have used instruments and trade that you can buy to distribute for your guitar. They also sell guitar parts including guitar bridges and pickups. Sam Ash and Guitar Center have locations nationwide to help you start your guitar project.


Buy online on musical instrument parts like Steward McDonald and WD. Here you can get everything you need for your guitar, from the glue for your frets to pickups and tuners. Parts often have special offers and have hard-to-reach equipment to help you build your own guitar.


Ask friends or relatives if they have any old instruments located where they will sell to you. You never know who has a good guitar in their closet. Maybe you can get something good for a few dollars and free up some space for them in their closet.

Tips and warnings

  • Always stamp on the price of a farmer’s shop. They mark their goods up quite above what they have paid for them.
  • Building your own guitar can be a difficult but rewarding challenge. There are several ways to collect and buy parts that you can use to build your own guitar. From pawnshops to online stores that only sell guitar parts, you can assemble the perfect custom inspired guitar that you can be proud of for years to come.