How to choose a guitar pedal

By | April 4, 2021


Know your style of play. When you first shop for a guitar pedal, it’s often like choosing your career when you’re still in elementary school – you may not be prepared, but you should at least choose a choice at the moment. Knowing what kind of music you would be interested in playing will give you a good sense of what specific pedal you are looking for, whether it is rock, rock, blues or country. If you can not decide what kind of music you want to play, there is also a solution for you that will be explained later.


Shop for a pedal based on what you can spend. Everyone knows what kind of budget they have to work with, so the controversy comes in when you have to apply what you have vs. what you can get. There are a variety of low-end pedals on the market for all price ranges. Digitech and Boss fire pedals, for example, have bearings from very low to expensive price ranges that can be explored for beginners, intermediate or professional guitar players. Remember that there is only a little money to be made


Experiment when you are unsure. Single-effect guitar pedals often provide a specific effect that can be used with a guitar. The advantages of using a single-effect pedal are that they are usually cheaper because they only offer one effect and they provide a study quality sound. You can also buy several pedals and link them to each other for storage effects, but it can be expensive when you want more than a few types of sound. Multi-effect pedals have made huge strides in technology recently, offering both a variety of effects that can be stored on top of each other for experiments and also a high-quality sound that can be used for recording. For those who can not decide which style they prefer, it is a good choice to get a multi-effect pedal for you to experiment with to discover your own unique sound.

Listen to and watch what the pros use. From Led Zeppelin to Metallica to new bands like My Chemical Romance, any guitar you hear can be duplicated and is probably already available on the market of pedals in some form. Multi-effect pedals often offer different signature band sounds that are both vintage and alternative. By looking at what the pros use, you will also get a better sense of what you do or do not want when you buy a pedal.


Think about both compatibility and features. Most guitar pedals work or sound better when used in conjunction with their branded products. Behringer amplifiers will probably be more efficient and compatible with Behringer pedals, so it may be important to consider a compatible brand to get the most out of your pedal. Some guitar pedals also offer features such as a built-in tuner, metronome and headphone jack if you do not have an amplifier and still want to hear what effect you are playing. These are all things that should be considered before buying a guitar pedal for future use.


Buy your pedal based on the effect. For rockers, there are three types of effects you want to look at – distortion, fuzz and overdrive – it can give you the sound you’re looking for. Country artists, on the other hand, can look for a pedal that offers more dynamic effects such as tremolo and vibrato or steel guitar effects. Buy your guitar pedal based on the sounds or effects it produces; Among the previously mentioned effects are also a variety of pitch modulations, reverb, delay and modeling effects that you can take advantage of with a single or multi-effect pedal.


Look for the lowest bidder. Before you rush to the first music store, you can find to buy a guitar pedal, do a little price research and comparison first. There are many different ways to get and get a pedal after choosing the one you want. Ordering a guitar pedal from a catalog or online can be a cheaper option for a new pedal. For those who do not like a little used materials, one can go to a farmer’s shop may provide some surprising goods to choose from at a lower price.

Tips and warnings

  • Find specific characteristics of a guitar pedal by either reading the label or simply asking a store manager for an explanation. Many times if you are in a music store, the store manager will have very helpful advice for you. Do not let them sell you a piece that you do not want because of their opinion, remember that it is their job to sell you a cheaper product if they can.
  • Always take the guitar pedal before you buy it whenever possible. Even if you plan to order it offline, go to a store like Sam Ash, so you can try the pedals first to see if the purchase is for you. Keep your verification information when ordering any guitar pedal, including receipts and shipping information.
  • Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton both played guitar and both played variations of the blues, but in addition to their distinctly different playing styles, which gave them even more individuality, their guitar effects were pedal use. Choosing a guitar pedal will help you add flavor to your natural guitar sound and explore the sound that the pedals can offer.