How to choose a violin to buy

By | April 12, 2021


Examine your local violin and music stores and familiarize yourself with the types of violins that each store carries. Specialty stores will likely have a wide range of violins, while a general music store may offer a smaller selection. Choose a store that allows you to try the instrument and it has a customer service team that can help you both during your decision-making process and in the future (for repairs, questions, etc.).


The size of the instrument is an important factor to consider when choosing a violin. Violins are available in many different sizes: 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 (Full size is used for adults). When you get the size of a violin, just place the violin under your chin, extend your arm under the violin and wrap your hand around the scroll. If your hand can not fold around the scroll, you need to try a smaller violin. If the fine size of the violin is not used, you may experience discomfort and difficulty while playing.


Let your budget get you started on your search for a violin. Violins differ a lot in price for different reasons, so know how much you want to spend and let your decision rotate around that number.


Before you buy a violin, try playing a variety of instruments – never buy without hearing the sound itself. Violin’s overall sound, tone and power are extremely important – if you’re the one playing it, you want to make sure it’s sounds that you love and that reflect your personality. Each violin is unique and different – some violins have a light sound while others have a mild and dark sound. The sound and tone of each instrument can depend on the wood it is made of, varnish, age and how much it is played (violins typically improve in sound the more they are played).

Choosing a violin that is ‘perfect fit’ for you can be a challenging but rewarding task. There are several factors that one should consider before buying. Just like a great buy, take your time and do enough research so that you will not regret your choice in the future.