How to choose the right Capo for your guitar

By | April 4, 2021

How to choose the right Capo for your guitar


Determine your price range. Capos range in price from about $ 5 to as expensive as you want to get depending on the type of material used.


Choose a capo based on which guitar you have. There are different capos for electric, acoustic steel strings and acoustic nylon strings (or classical) guitars. The biggest differences are between nylon string caps and the other types, as most classical guitar necks are larger.


Examine the capsules available to you for easy adjustment. If you plan to change a capos position for each song, choose a capo with a simple feather-action release. If you expect to play most of your songs with a capo in one position, choose a capo with either a cord holder or a screw mechanism.

Find a specialized capo if you plan to use changed settings. You can find capos that allow you to delete individual strings if you want. can also find capos designed for only three strings (half capos), four strings or five strings. However, you may need to specially order these, though.


Ask to try the capo before you buy it if you can. Most guitar stores will have sample capsules available for you to use.

Tips and warnings

  • Test your capo to see if it distorts the tuning to a noticeable extent. You may want a different brand if the hood forces you to readjust each time you apply it.
  • Do not use a kapo on a style of guitar it was not made for. It can damage the guitar’s neck and fretboard.
  • Choosing the right capo for your guitar is about personal taste, deciding on the uses you have for a capo and your price range. Follow these steps to choose the right type for you.