How to choose the right guitar teacher

By | April 6, 2021


Recognize learning guitar as learning a new language, sport and art at the same time. You have to learn to read music. You have to make your hands and fingers do things they have never done before, so it will take a while to get used to. You will need to develop hand strength, endurance and calluses at your fingertips. And you will perform the art of music … Very different from Guitar Hero.


You will interview your future guitar teacher. Ask for student references, especially former students if you can get them. Ask your prospective teacher for their resume and educational background. You need to make sure that your prospective teacher not only learns the basics, but will be able to teach you competently so that you can learn.


It is better for beginners to take guitar lessons from a teacher who is affiliated with a music store or a school. Taking lessons from someone out of the house is a safe way not to learn to play the guitar. Often, guitar instructors who work from outside their own homes may not be good at teaching guitar and they may not even be very good at playing guitar. If your prospective teacher is connected through a store or school, at least there would have been some kind of verification process to determine that the person is qualified to teach you how to play the guitar.


Do not choose a guitar teacher who seems to be very impressed with themselves and their good playing. Your guitar lessons should be about you and not about sitting for 30 minutes every week and watching your instructor show your pleasure. You can go to a concert for that.

Tips and warnings

  • When you start your lessons, be patient and practice often. You have to learn how to play & quot; Streets of Laredo & quot; and ‘Greensleeves’ before you can play ‘Outbreak.’ The tips on your fingers will hurt and you will not be able to play for long periods …. first. Enjoy!
  • So you want to learn how to play guitar and want to find someone who teaches you how. It is important that you want to find a guitar teacher who not only teaches you, but teaches you how to teach yourself. Since weekly guitar lessons can cost about $ 80 a month, you want to choose your instructor wisely. Many people give up guitar lessons because they do not choose an effective instructor.