How to choose which style Ocarina is right for you

By | April 7, 2021


Decide what you want out of your ocarina. Are you planning to play for fun or for a crowd? Pendants are wonderful because of their small size, but because their fingers are so odd, I find it hard to play fast. Inline is quite nice, and offers a cheap way to get a more durable wooden carbine. In addition, a double chamber inline is able to play two notes simultaneously. Sweet potato ocarinas are the best known, and offer a lot of flexibility in addition to the fact that there are double and triple room variations that allow for a wider range.


Choose a material. Clay is the most common. It has a very good sound and is quite inexpensive, but clay ocarinas break easily. There are also several premium types of smiles, but they are not worth it, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money. Wooden carinas have a completely different sound that some people prefer and are also much more durable. But you have to worry about moisture buildup, and the prices of wood sweet potatoes can be astronomical.


Choose your supplier. There are dozens of manufacturers online. Try to find videos or sounds on instruments being played. Ignore the song; People are usually either amazing or awful. Rarely is this due to the instrument. Instead, listen to the airiness of the notes or large volumes when the notes get louder. What you choose also depends on your budget. Every STL ocarina I have bought has been quite airy, but they are still worth the price. Hind ocarinas sound great, but are very pricy.


Order your ocarina. No matter how much you search and research, an ocarina in your hand is worth more than a dozen statistics. Choose one and order it. Even if it is not the best available or if you later find yourself paid for its quality, you will at least be able to play it.


Practice! I found the best way to learn, for me it was just to try different finger transitions. After a while, the sounds I started to make were nice. Not too musical, but they did not hurt my ears anymore. It was a good confidence booster while I was trying to associate notes with notes on the page. I always knew I could do something nice to sound, even if it was not what I wanted it to sound like.

Tips and warnings

  • Browse forums dedicated to ocarinas. They usually keep a list of manufacturers and discuss their relative advantages.
  • Just choose an ocarina. After getting out of the worst ocarinas, you are usually left with a gang that many people swear by. If you can not find samples of those who play, just choose cheaper. If you did your research than that, it will be good enough and you have no reason to regret your decision.
  • If you buy from a supplier to a trade fair, for example, make sure the seller plays it. Often they are decorative at best.
  • Avoid all four-hole pendants in the same way! The difference in size is what gives the pendant its range. If they are the same size, you can play a maximum of four notes.
  • Avoid plastic carbines. While I have heard good things about polycarbonate Mountain inline, I have never heard a decent sounding plastic ocarina.
  • So you have fallen in love with the beautiful sounds of ocarina and now you want one. Good! This article will help you choose the one that suits you.