How to Choreograph a Hip Hop Dance Solo

By | April 6, 2021


Select a song. Especially for hip hop, it has to be a tune you connect to. If not, it will not be as good. The songs come in very different areas, you can choose more of a rhythmic R & B song, more of a hard southern beat or something in between. As long as it makes you want to dance, your on the right track.

Find the lyrics to the song you have chosen online, sit down and listen to your chosen track. Find certain situations in your personal that make you relate to the music. Hip hop is about feeling. If you do this, you will show more personality when you interpret your piece.


If you are not already present, find a dance studio near you and take a couple of hip hop classes. It will definitely inspire and help you with your own choreography. Without copying the routines, you learn from others of course.


Find a large room you can dance in You can also rent one in a dance studio or at your local gym.


Start creating your solo. One problem that often arises with hip hop dancers is that they tend to make a lot of movements but never use the entire space. Make sure your solo uses the entire scene. It will be much more interesting to watch.

Your dance must be very energetic. Do not be afraid to try new things if there are tricks on the floor, uncomfortable standing and moving, etc. These things that come out of your head will personify your piece and make it stand out from everyone else.


Have fun and do not be too nervous. Hip hop is not as strict and placed as other styles. Make sure you have a good ending for all viewers to remember you. Try to stop on the floor or in some form of a break dancer. They always make the audience cheer even more.

Tips and warnings

  • Always feel the music and dance that no one is watching.
  • Show your solo to friends to get a good picture of certain opinions.
  • Warm up your body before dancing to prevent injury.
  • Do not try to draw any tricks you do not know if no expert will help you.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water while dancing so that you do not become dehydrated.
  • / li> Dancing can be quite a challenging ‘sport’. But if you are the one who has a passion for it, heaven is truly the limit. Presenting your own hip hop piece takes a lot of work, creativity and emotion. That is, if you want a good solo! Here are some tips to help you create one that will surely catch the attention of all judges.
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