How to connect a computer to a DJ mixer

By | April 11, 2021

Connect the pieces


Decide how to use your computer. Will it just play MP3s? Will only one music file be sent by the computer to the mixer or will several songs be sent from the computer and ‘mixed’ together in a seamless song? These decisions dictate whether you want to use simple software, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, to send a single song to the mixer, or whether you need to invest in DJ software to provide more functionality.


Invest in a professional quality sound card. If you have not planned before, the sound card that came with your computer is not of sufficient quality to send music to a blender. What sounds good to run through the computer speakers is usually distorted when playing on a club sound system. Buy a high-quality sound card that can be installed on your computer or buy an external card that connects with a USB or Firewire port.


Buy the right cables and adapters. Whether you use an internal or external sound card, you must send the music signal to the DJ mixer. Examine the audio outputs as well as the inputs on the mixer to determine which cables are required. You may need to purchase cables that have a single 3.5mm adapter that leads from the sound card and a pair of RCA adapters that will be attached to the mixer. many external. There are many other input and output specifications, so decide what your DJ equipment requires.


Insert inputs and outputs with your sound card program. If you use a sound card that sends more than one song to the mixer, you must tell the card software how to split the signals into different tracks. These tracks are then sent to the mixer and displayed as separate channels. Software like With your sound card, you can easily adjust these settings.

Tips and warnings

  • Test your setting on a large sound system to ensure it sounds sharp and clear.
  • Use high quality cables and adapters.
  • Use digital digital files with the highest quality of 192.
  • Back Up your song library to prevent corrupted files from ruining your set.
  • Do not play songs from a CD. Copy them to your hard drive.
  • A laptop or computer seems to be a part of every DJ rig these days. In many cases, it controls all aspects of the DJ set. At other times, it only serves as an extra source of music files to enhance traditional vinyl records or CDs. Adding a computer to a DJ performance increases the complexity of setting up the equipment before a concert. It also adds a new variable to performance and needs careful consideration.