How to connect a turntable to a laptop

By | April 4, 2021

Classic and USB turntables


Take your classic turntable and find the Phono output in red and white audio channels. Connect the RCA cable in both channels and the other end to your amplifier’s Phono input, red and white channels.


Locate the red and white output channels on your amplifier and plug in the RCA-to-Stereo cable. Connect the RCA to the Stereo Cable and connect it to the computer microphone or microphone line.


Open your recording software and it will read the RCA-to-Stereo cable as the ‘Microphone’ source in. Select the line in and play or record your desired records.


On your USB turntable, locate the USB port and connect the USB cable from the turntable to the USB port on your laptop.


Open your recording software and read the USB cable and label on your USB turntable. Select and play or record your desired entries.

Tips and warnings

  • USB turntables range from $ 80 to $ 400.
  • Classic Turntables run from $ 90 to $ 200.
  • Make sure your RCA-to-Stereo cable is a stereo 1/8 ‘mini connector and has two rings of ti p; If not, the cable can be mono and only record the left channel.
  • Media drives our daily electronic needs with a little personal touch. Although effective and careless, new media do not have the charm that old media evokes. There is nothing like taking a vinyl record out of the sleeve and putting it on the turntable and dropping the needle on the turntable. But you can measure the old with the new. Many people love to connect their turntables to their laptops to record and upload vinyl classics. Here are some fun steps to get it done with a classic turntable and USB turntable.