How to convert cassette tapes to CDs

By | April 9, 2021


Locate the ‘Line-In’ connector on the computer tower. Most audio connectors are located behind, near the mouse and keyboard ports. Connect one end of the audio cable to the jack. If you do not have a specific jack-marked Line-In, connect the cable to the microphone jack.


Connect the other end of your cable to your cassette player s Pull the cassette back to the beginning or from the point you want to start recording from.


Download a program like Audacity to convert your cassette music to digital format Audacity is free to download and is available for all operating systems. Other free programs may be available as well.


Start the program recording function and start playing your cassette at the same time The program has a sound level indicator to let you know when the sound is playing. Stop the recorder when you are done. Export and save the file as a WAV or MP3 file.


Launch the CD burning program and add the audio file to the burning list. Burn the file to the CD and you will be able to listen to the sound on a CD player.

Tips and warnings

  • -Stop recording f eatur between cassette songs to save each song as a different file. Once you have saved a file, just start the program back up.-Use AVS Audio Editor if you have problems with Audacity. Like Audacity, you can download AVS.
  • Cassette tapes were the most popular way to listen to music for many years, but they were lost in popularity by CDs in the 1990s. Since then, they have been forgotten. Unfortunately, many of us still have cassette tapes that we hold dear. with few or no ways to play them. Modern cars are not usually equipped with cassette tires and they do not work with an iPod. Instead of waiting for a miracle, learn how to convert your old cassettes to a digital format so you can burn your cassette music to a CD.