How to convert MPEG4 protected files to MP3

By | April 4, 2021

To convert Mpeg4 protected files to MP3


Download and install free audio editor and recorder Audacity from


Download and install the free LAME MP3 encoder for Audacity. You can find the instructions here:;item=lame-mp3


Open Audacity and from the Top menu select Edit & gt; Settings. On the ‘Audio I / O’ tab under the ‘Recording’ option, select your sound card from the drop-down menu and click ‘OK’. Your sound card is not standard.


Select ‘Stereo Mix’ from the Audacity Mixer drop-down menu.


Press ‘Record’ in Audacity.


Play the .M4P file you want to convert to .MP3.


To remove silence from the recording, highlight it and press ‘Delete’.



Select File & gt; Export as .MP3 from the top menu.


Find ‘lame _enc.dll’ in ‘Program Files Lame for Audacity’.


Take the file correctly and save it in your music folder.

Tips and warnings

  • If you buy a lot of protected files from iTunes that you may want to convert later, try alternative music stores such as Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and 7digital, which sell unprotected .MP3 files.
  • Converting multiple files can save you more time by burning the protected .M4P files to a CD and then importing them back to your computer in .MP3 file format.
  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted music is illegal. Make sure you only convert music that you purchased or music where you own the rights.
  • Converting files with the sound card usually results in a loss of quality because it is converted to a digital signal to analog and then back to digital. depends on the quality of your sound card; It can be minimal or difficult.
  • The Apple iTunes Store no longer sells protected MPEG4 files, but many music libraries still contain remnants of the old model. Although the .M4P format may have been a good idea in the past, they were not right for all users. If you want to play your protected music with other media software or on a personal music player, converting your files to .MP3 is a good option. Changing your .M4P files to .MP3 is easy on a Windows operating system as long as you know what you are doing.