How to convert WAV to MP4

By | April 11, 2021


Download Audio Transcoder (see Resources below). Install the program.


Launch Audio Transcoder. Click on the ‘Audio Convert’ tab. Browse the file directory on the left screen and select a WAV audio file. It will appear on the blank screen on the right.


Click on the audio file. Drag the mouse to the blank screen at the bottom. This transfers the audio file to the conversion screen.


On the Output menu below the conversion screen, press the ‘Down’ button on ‘If Existing File Exists’. Select ‘Overwrite existing’ if you want the converted file to replace the old file. If not, leave it as ‘Create New File’.


In the same Output menu, click the ‘Down’ arrow on the first drop-down menu in the ‘Output Format’ section. Select ‘.mp4 (Advanced Audio Coding).’


Press the ‘Convert’ button. A conversion pop-up screen will appear showing the progress of the conversion. Wait for it to be ready. When done, the pop-up screen will close.

WAV files are usually used to save recordings because the format does not compress the sound, which prevents sound quality reduction. The only downside is that WAV files do not play on regular MP3 players or mobile phones. However, converting a WAV file to an MP4 can retain the sound of the audio while compressing it in an MP3 player friendly format. Audio Transcoder, an audio converter, can convert audio files, including WAV and MP4 audio files.
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