How to convert YouTube Vids to MP3 (very bawse)

By | April 5, 2021


Open your browser to ( and find the video of your choice. Make sure you are fully loaded (you should be able to watch the entire video) and copy the link (select the address and ctrl + c) before continuing.


Open another browser ( Keep these here and the YouTube window open for simplicity.


Paste the link in the URL box and click ‘Download’. Right-click on the first & quot; download & quot; link and select ‘Save link as’. Name accordingly and place it where you can easily find it.


Install and open your audio converter – in our case All audio converters (www.any-audio-converter .com) and you are done! Follow the 3 simple steps given and start converting! Very Bawse.

Have you ever looked for a song on your mp3 player (let’s be real – ipod)? Just to find it ONLY on youtube? Here’s how to convert them. Thanks to ( and ( Enjoy