How to cut music with iTunes

By | April 11, 2021


Open your iTunes application and select a song you want to cut.

Listen to the song and get a feel for when you want the song to be stately and finish.

Take a pencil and look at the timeless cursor at the top of the iTunes window, write down the approximate corresponding time iTunes gives you when you hear a good start and end point.


Got your times on paper?

Good! Now right-click with the title of the song you selected.

A menu will appear, select ‘Get info’. [Högst upp]


A smaller window will appear after you select ‘Get Info.’

Above the top of this small window are tabs labeled ‘Summary’, ‘Info’, ‘Video’, ‘Sort’, ‘Options’, etc.

Click on the ‘Options’ tab.


You will first see audio options. [En annan rolig iTunes-funktion som du kan leka med! ]

Just below the ‘Rating’ option are options for ‘Start time’ and ‘Stop time’. This is what we work with!

Now it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks!

Take a look at that paper from step 2, where you noted the song times. Enter the start time in the white rectangular box that you see on the screen, to the right of ‘Start time’. [Detta kommer att anges i stället för det som just nu är mest sannolikt 0:00]. Continue to fill in the desired stop time, even in a white rectangular box but this time next to ‘Stop Time’ on your screen.

Control markers should have filled in the smaller boxes to the left of both ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ times. If not, check the boxes manually so iTunes knows to execute the orders you just placed!

And … Click on ‘Ok!

*** Note! Do not forget punctuation! Colon in time separates the minute value from seconds so it is very important. And if you become really technical, a period separates seconds from the nanosecond value … the importance of this depends on how perfect you want the sound!


So now you have a shortened track! You can stop here if you do a single thing or break.

BUT if you want a real abbreviated file and one that is separate from the original’s longitudinal track … read on!


Right now, your shortened track still carries the entire weight of the song … in other words, the file still consists of sounds that are 3 or 4 minutes when you may have cut it down to just one minute value …

To get a brand new file with just your audio selection, right-click on your recently edited track.

Again a menu will appear but this time you want to click on ‘Create MP3 version.’

As you do so, iTunes creates a new, individualized version of your currently edited MP3. [Du kommer att höra en ‘Ding!’ buller när denna omvandling tar ca 5 sekunder är klar. ]


As soon as you hear ‘Ding!’ you should see an identical copy of the song you worked on above the original. If you do not see it, type the song title in the search field at the top right of the iTunes window and you should see that there are two copies.

One, in my case, at a longer length of 4:21, and the other track is listed at 2:05!

Now it’s easy to add this track to a playlist!

Tips and warnings

  • I suggest renaming your newly created file to indicate the difference between the two copies on your drive.
  • This article is a step-by-step guide on how to cut a selection of a song! Why would you cut a song? Well, a good performance of this technique can be in your daily workout … cut a few songs down to a minute and a half so you can switch elevators according to song change instead of counting! Or use it for a fun game [som power hour! ]