How to distinguish Emo from Indie

By | April 5, 2021


First and foremost, emo means emotional hardcore. It’s the roots of the 80’s hard punk era, but emo does not like retro. Emo is now less about a certain type of music, but more about emotions and relates to ‘me’ Generation. Most people who are considered emo are young and young adults in their 20s.

On the other hand, indie cards are too independent. Indie refers more to a genre of music and its followers. Many indie fans are older than 20 years.

With this in mind, we can already see that there will be big differences.


Let’s start with the emo:


Ask this person by observing their hairstyle. Most, but not all, have their hair colored black. Sometimes you see a mixture of black and white or sometimes red rays of light. This person is very worried that the hairstyle is usually worn on a part of the face or down the face that is fringed. Lots of goop keeps the hair in place. Some have a nailed hairstyle. Emo girls often dye their hair white. The emo style is a bit like goth.


Spot this person by noticing if they whine a lot, their personality is very hardcore. They whine about how difficult life is in general. ‘Oh, this person does not like me’, ‘This girl hates me, what am I doing’ & quot; or ‘Oh, it’s me, it’s about me’. Emo music is filled with these types of emotions.


Set this person as someone who has completely changed their appearance from what they once were. It’s almost as if they’re trying to be someone separate from who they really are. These children seem to suffer from some kind of emotional conflict or anxiety. Maybe they’re just trying to figure out who they are.

Children who dress emo often wear tight black clothes to represent their hard emotional side. Often, guys will have pink eye shadow under their eyes to represent that they are feeling a little softer that day. Everything about their fashion is over dramatized. Black t-shirts and tight but comfortable black pants are cool, as are black Converse shoes. Emo needs to be seen!


Several piercings are common, as are many jewelry, pearls and dark rimmed glasses.

Spot emo music in these bands: Panic at the disco, Guys like girls, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and take back Sunday. Many of these bands are famous. There can be many emotional screens and screams at these concerts. This music is about emotions. Therefore emo.

Let us now discuss Indie:


Spot indie by listening to certain types of music from bands like The Killers, Color Revolt, Manchester Orchestra and Radiohead.


Note that none of the bands I mention except Radiohead are known to most people. These bands, for the most part, do not sign with major record labels. They are either unsigned or drawn with an independent label. Such bands are sometimes called underground bands and belong to an underground culture.


Being an indie means you are more interested in your creative side and less interested in popularity and trends. Indie bands or people who follow this trait are very talented and come naturally from this talent. ‘It does not matter that you sing the key as long as creativity flows.


People who follow indie flying tend to break away from having black more often than emo. T-shirts are common, but can be topped with a jacket. Comfort is important, but one should look more mussy professional. Indie hairstyles are usually long, about shoulder length in men, but not always. When I think of indie, I like Bohemian or the grungeid back in the 90’s. Think vintage if you want to dress indie.

The following is a discussion to distinguish between what is called emo and what is known as indie. Emo comes from the word ’emotional’ and today you can mostly identify clothes and makeup styles chosen by young adults instead of hardcore music as it has been before. Indie refers more to a genre of music and is derived from the word ‘independence’.