How to do ballet like barbie

By | April 7, 2021


Sign up for a ballet class. The ballet classes are formal and contain special components such as barre, adagio, swing, allegro, jump and denouement. Professional dancers take classes every day. Ballerinas take class in point.


Perform warm-up exercises on a bar. Barre is a long wooden pole attached to a wall. The ballet class begins with work at the bar to warm up and practice basic positions. The barre work also makes it possible for the dancer to work on, which is important for the right line. Development is achieved by twisting the leg out from the hip and twisting the feet as well.


Plie as Barbie at barre. Perform a series of slow knee bends through all basic positions; first, second, fourth and fifth. This allows you to warm up and stretch. The arm movements follow each position. Keep your body still and adjusted. Plies help dancers in jumps, turns and a point.


Perform a trend. Tendu is a fast movement performed from each of the basic positions. The foot brushes out along the floor, ends in a pointed toe and then quickly returns to the starting position. This exercise helps dancers to stretch legs, feet and hips.


Perfect your frappe. Frappe is a rapid movement of the foot towards the ankle (also known as a petit battement or a small blow). This is a basic movement that is done either on demi-pointe or a pointe. It is also performed as a jump; The more people hit the air, the better.


Perform grand battement as Barbie. Grand battement is the movement of a high leg kick with tear tip and legs out. The movement ends in a trend and you return to the starting position. Grand battement is usually done from the fifth position but can be performed from any of the basic positions.

Tips and warnings

  • To dance like Barbie, you must understand the basics of ballet first. It takes many years of practice to become a ballerina and to learn to dance The Nutcracker like Barbie.
  • Barbie starred in her own version of the Nutcracker Suite, which danced the role of Sugarplum Fairy, in ‘Barbie in the Nutcracker’. In fact, the New York City Ballet danced the roles in the Barbie movie. Ballet began in the French court during the fifteenth century and gradually spread throughout Europe. George Balanchine, the famous Russian choreographer, popularized ballet in America and led the New York City Ballet to world publicity. Balanchine’s version of the Nutcracker Suite is world famous and is based on the classic Russian version of Sergei Diaghilev and is danced by Ballet Russe. The ballet is a very formalized dance technique with a unique French vocabulary.