How to do burlesque dance

By | April 9, 2021


Learn a little about the history of burlesque dance and what it’s about. If you are already a fan of burlesque, you can skip this part and come back to it later. You just have to have an idea of ​​what a regular burlesque dance looks like.


Find some music that makes you feel sexy. This can be anything that makes you dance in dance.


Clear a private space for yourself to practice some basic movies. Turn on your music and just listen to it. At this stage, you are not doing anything specifically ‘burlesque’, just getting a feel for dancing in a way that is sexy. Have fun with it! And keep it private for the time being while you are still learning.


Learn some basic burlesque movements. There are some common dance moves that are part of burlesque history and they are all involved in a small piece of the teaser. Exercise bends your hips from side to side, shakes your chest in time with the music and uses your face to express emotions as a surprise.


Get some costume pieces. You do not have to have something nice but you want a few things that you can practice the peeling part of burlesque with. Burlesque dances involve things like slowly removing gloves and feather boas so put on some of these and keep practicing your dance! Later you can get into more complex costumes with pasties and other things.


Take a burlesque dance class. you have started hanging out with some moves and you think you want to learn more about specific burlesque dance, now is a good time to take a class. Look for a local class in your area. If there is no contact with other erotic dance studios in the area and ask if they can do a workshop on burlesque dance.


Create a character. The best way to do a burlesque dance work for you is to have a character or persona in mind when you dance. Get really creative here. What’s your character’s name? What kind of personality does she have? What do you want an audience to see when you look at yourself? This is where burlesque dancing gets really fun.


Choreograph a complete dance. At this stage, you are ready to put it all together and create a complete burlesque dance. The core dance will be the first sexy moves that you started doing on your own, but you will include removing gloves and other things learned from burlesque classes to finish the dance.


Take a breath and go on stage (even if it’s just the stage in your bedroom where you dance for your partner). The key to this point is to just really plan to have fun with your dance, do not take yourself seriously and pretend to be more confident than you are!

Tips and warnings

  • See a lot of burlesque to get ideas for your dance. Watch YouTube clips of old burlesque shows and go to local burlesque shows.
  • Burlesque dance will not agree if you are not comfortable with your own body. Practice self-confidence so that your dance is beautiful.
  • Burlesque is a form of striptease dance that has made a big comeback as a performance art in recent years. It is a great form of dance for women who want to show off their sexy side without necessarily getting naked. Whether you want to dance privately for a lover or you want to perform, there are just a few things you need to know to be able to dance burlesque.